10 Furniture Pieces For Small-Space Dweller’s Must Have

10 Furniture Pieces that Should be on Any Small-Space Dweller’s Must-Have List

When living in extremely compact and modest spaces, we want to blow them up to the size of the universe. Whether you’re living in a flat or a house, it might be useful to use smart furniture to make your living environment more comfortable and welcoming. Here are 10 furniture essentials you might want to include in your home to make it bigger and a lot more appealing to friends and family.smart furniture to make your living environment more comfortable and welcoming

1. Dining table
Tables are sometimes unbearable with their sharp angles and clumsy sides. The basic rule here, as in the tale of King Arthur and … Right! A round table in the living area solves all problems and saves up to 30% of free space in your room. In addition, such table can host an incredible number of friends; which means supper time will be a lot more fun and enjoyable.

2. Shelves
Ah yes, the shelves! Cabinets and drawers will not help us in this regard. All the hulking, stationary and cumbersome furniture is to be withdrawn. A good option is when you simply do not notice where your belongings are hidden. They can be stored on suspended folding shelves on the sides of the room, above the sofa or even under the windowsill.

3. Compact and comfortable seating
An inexpensive set of stylish chairs or stools to be mounted on each other and calmly wait their time under one of the shelves is the perfect option for extremely tight spaces owners. Note that the latter, as chosen with taste, are easily converted into handy tables for having lunch or placing a laptop. Use the same surfaces effectively. placing mirrors at an angle or opposite each other, you can achieve a 10-fold increase in the living space

4. Mirrors
Imagine that your apartment has increased twice or even tripled! That is what the usual mirrors do with our imagination and perception. By the way, your guests are also susceptible to this magic. Therefore, if you have little or no mirrors at all – go ahead for shopping. Mirrors are successfully combined with built-in wall sliding wardrobes. By placing mirrors at an angle or opposite each other, you can achieve a 10-fold increase in the living space!

5. Optimizing furniture size
Remember that small apartment means smaller couch, mini-table, small chairs, short shelves, built-in appliances, combined surfaces and, as a result, a lot of space! Just be careful! You should never ignore the minimum requirements for a comfortable sleeping or eating. If it is impossible to get out, it is better to find a more suitable “shelter”.

6. Acrylic & plastic materials for the décor
Do not hesitate to use a regular plastic or acrylic instead of teak and marble. You can actually go to cut my plastic for ideas. Such surfaces can serve you in combination, in contrast to the cumbersome and impractical furniture and decorations. Everything for the benefit of freedom to breathe!

Oceanfront LEED Silver Home

7. Bed
The bed is an essential piece of furniture in people’s homes. For your bedroom to look comfortable and appealing, it is important to decide on the right type of bed. Have you ever considered investing in a handmade one? Decide on the size you actually want, and if your rooms are small you can easily choose foldable beds that are easy to convert into a couch?

8. Coffee table
Living areas without coffee tables look boring and unappealing. Regardless of the size of your space, you have to make room and add a coffee table too. Consider one that is made of glass to widen up the room and make the décor appear truly enticing. Invest a fortune in a bulky sofa

9. Sofa
There’s really no need to invest a fortune in a bulky sofa to make your living room look modern. Small-size sofas can create an impact too. Invest in a handmade piece with built in side tables to save space and make the décor appear compact.

Presidio Hieghts ResidencePhoto by Marla Schrank InteriorsBrowse contemporary kitchen photos

10. Stools
If you have a small apartment and can’t really include big chairs or armchairs into the living or dining area, you can always save more space with stools. There’s a range of models you can choose; taller varieties are for areas that seem cluttered and crammed, whereas the smaller ones are ideal in emptier rooms with less furniture.

If you have found at least one perfectly suitable idea, just try to implement it and you will be much easier to live. If there was nothing interesting then you already have enough creativity to create something outstanding!
By Davis Miller and TomFaulkner.co.uk!

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