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Reconciling Carbs With Dining Out

When you have a dinner engagement outside of your home, the first thing you may worry about in regards to keeping your diet on track is whether you should cut out the carbs that tend to come on every plate ordered. These often show up in the form of French fries, twice baked potatoes and other fluffy white arrangements. While you may consider decreasing the number of these items that you have residing on your plate, eliminating carbohydrates completely does not have to be the case. In fact, a quarter of your plate can be filled with whole grains and other carbs to ensure a well-balanced meal, as long as you choose with a discriminating palate.

Keep away from menu items that include enriched white bread and processed ingredients. That warm bread basket in the midst of the table with the wafting aromas of just baked goodness? You can indulge in a few bites if they are baked with whole grains, but still try to keep your taste-testing on the minimal side. Don’t forget: White breads and potatoes aren’t the only way to receive your carbohydrates. Instead, focus on options of the healthy variety such as dishes that include ingredients like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa and other whole grain foods. For more information on how to incorporate carbs, as well as how to keep your healthy diet intact while eating out, check out the following infographic.

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