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In order to enter the world of professional blogging, you should start from scratch and learn the basics first. Like anything else, writing blog posts and publishing them follows a particular set of steps that are the fundamental ones peculiar to blogosphere. You cannot treat a blog like a website.

Main Blogging Tips for Beginners A blog is different from a site from many different aspects. Some of the differences are:

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

Tip 1: A blog is a dynamic site that should be frequently updated.
Unlike websites that were setup once and the rest was done outside the site, like marketing and so on, blogs are to be updated frequently. A blog that is not updated is not a blog anymore.

Tip 2: Updating of a blog should occur regularly.
Running a blog in professional manner requires devotion to orderly work. You cannot publish a post today and another one whenever you feel like it. The frequency of your publication should follow a certain model.

Tip 3: The language of blogging is more casual.
While writing your posts, a language close to conversational language is used not written. Unlike the language of websites, in blogosphere, you do not say WE think so, WE do so, and so on. Instead of we, you say I think so, I do so, and so forth.

Tip 4: Blogging is more personal and you should talk about yourself in it too.
If you want to be successful in your blogging, from the outset, make yourself known to your audience. You cannot hide behind WE, our corporation, etc. In particular, your about page should clarify exactly who you are and why you blog.

Tip 5: Provide fresh information for your readers.
People go to read what is interesting and unheard. They like to read amazing stuff. You need to include such information for your audience to satisfy them. Fresh unique information or perspective is what makes them interested.

Tip 6: Include your own perspectives in the posts you write.
When everyone talks about some topic and you would like to have your take on it, go ahead and do it. As long as you don’t copy others, you will be fine, because when you write it yourself, you will be reflected in it. I mean your perspective will be revealed at your posts and within your words.

Tip 7: Your blog theme should match your content and audience.
Remember you should harmonize your blog theme with your content. A simple theme does not match children’s blog. A funny colorful theme is not suitable for a business blog, unless the blog is about something funny, cool, etc.

Tip 8: Make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your feed.
Having your RSS feed button or “Subscribe to Our Feed” should be above the fold or very visible. Otherwise, people may miss it and ignore subscribing to your feed. This way, you will not be able to retain them.

Tip 9: Don’t stuff your pages with advertisement.
Some websites glitter with lots of flash animation, colorful ads here and there and so on. You can barely find the actual content on the blog as there is too much clutter around it, if any. In particular, at the beginning of your blogging, when the blog is new, it will be better not to include ads in your blog. Later, you can include it in a sensible way.

Tip 10: Moderate the comments before you allow them to be published.
Some people, out of laziness, set their blog comments to be published without moderation. They do not feel like moderating the comments and just want them no matter what they are. There is lots of spam on the blogs. Comments are not exceptions. Make sure you install an anti-spam mechanism and moderate the comments before they are published.

If you observe these blogging tips for beginners, you can start a blog on the right path and go toward professional blogging. Of course, it is not that easy and you need to learn every aspect of such world-class blogging through specialized courses or training programs. I will recommend you to find an expert who has gone this route before and learn from him. You will definitely be able to take your blog to a higher level doing so.

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