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11 Tips for a Healthier Cup of Coffee

According to research, about 54% of Americans who are over 18 years drink coffee on a daily basis.

Many Americans believe that coffee helps fuel their day and keep them always alert. 11 Tips for a Healthier Cup of Coffee

This is actually true, but coffee has to be healthy in order to work best in your body. The reason I’m saying this is because some Americans are consuming some other popular coffee versions which are loaded with extra sugar and calories thus putting their health at risk of diseases.

If consumed properly, this wonder drink can actually aid in weight loss among other health benefits. If you would like to reap all the benefits from your cup of Joe, why not take into consideration the following tips.

  1. Avoid artificial creamers

These industrial creamers are unhealthy and should be avoided as much as possible. They contain harmful substances like trans fats which your body won’t tolerate. Instead, use real organic cream which can supply your body with vitamin K2 and conjugated linoleic acid.

  1. Avoid refined sugar and artificial sweeteners

According to WHO, you should consume at most 25 grams of sugar per day. Some coffee versions are packed with artificial sweeteners and refined sugar which can increase your daily sugar intake up to 56 grams! This is quite serious for your health.

  1. Use organic beans and filtered water.

Health coffee means quality ingredients. Make sure that the water you use is of high quality so as the beans. Organic beans, though expensive, are healthier for your body.

  1. Consider adding cinnamon to your coffee

Why cinnamon? Well, one of the benefits of coffee is the antioxidants it supplies our bodies. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants too and if you add it your coffee, it will boost the antioxidants in it.

  1. Add a scoop of collagen to coffee

Collagen has several benefits in our bodies including relieving bone pain and most importantly, tissue repair.

  1. Add Coconut oil to your coffee

The reason to do is to boost your coffee with healthy fats contained in this oil. These healthy fats aid in weight loss and some studies show they can also reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Consider adding some cocoa to your coffee

Just like cinnamon, cocoa contains antioxidants which help reduce the risk of getting heart diseases.

  1. Keep it one cup per day for beginners

A starter’s liver can handle well one cup of coffee daily. Anything above this can harm your body.

  1. Eat first before taking coffee

Start your day with just coffee may make feel tired and depleted. This is because when your take coffee, your body responds by producing more insulin to counter the caffeine thus lowering your blood pressure. Low BP brings about a feeling of fatigue.

  1. Avoid this drink after 2 PM

Coffee is a stimulant which jumpstarts our mind and keeps us awake. Now, when you take late in afternoon, the effects are still the same and may last up to the night which can really interfere with your sleep.

  1. Banish those negative thoughts about coffee

When you take coffee, don’t start feeling guilty about it. Avoid stress and let your body reap its benefits in peace!

In Summary

Be careful when buying some popular brands of instant coffee. They might contain additional sugars which are not healthy to your body. Brewing your own coffee is the best option if you want a healthy cup of coffee. You can even spice it up with safe substances like coconut oil, cinnamon, or organic cream to make it healthier and sweeter.

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