4 Styles to Consider When Choosing A Carpet

4 Styles to Consider When Choosing A Carpet (How to Choose The Right Carpet)

Whether you’re looking to update your carpet or purchase carpet for the first time, below you’ll find four different carpet flooring styles you’re encounter during the selection process. We briefly described each category so you can decide which one will be the best fit for your home.

1) Texture

Texture carpets are often categorized as high-pile carpets. High pile carpets have longer carpet fibers with more space in between the fibers. This family of carpets provides extreme comfort due to the soft and luxurious fibers. An example of a textured carpet is a shag carpet or a plush carpet. With texture carpets, you will see prints or indentations in high-traffic areas. For this reason, many homeowners with pets and children, many decide against this type of carpet. Textured carpet may or may not be stain resistant, depending on the materials used. Many are quite durable, so do not be fully dissuaded from texture carpets if you have children and pets. On the same note, with the right blend of fibers, you can negate the “imprinting” feature many textured carpets have (if it’s a concern to you).

2) Frieze 

Frieze carpets are characterized by fibers that cross each other. This style is also known as the “twist” style. Like texture carpets, frieze carpets have long fibers with ample space between the fibers. Unlike texture carpets, the fibers disguise footprints and other traffic marks, which is why they are chosen for well-walked areas. Frieze also is known to be an easy-to-clean carpet because of the tendency for the twisted fibers to hide dirt. Because of the fabric’s ability to appear cleaner and its inclination to hide footprints and other marks, frieze is considered a high-end carpeting style.

3) Loop 

Loop carpeting has fibers that are looped closely together. The closely woven loops are responsible for the carpet’s dense, close-to-the-ground appearance. This type of carpet is recognized for its durability and practicality. Because the fibers are dense and short, it’s good for pets who might otherwise claw and tear at long carpet fibers. However, the short fibers can unravel, so you’ll want to watch pets with long nails and children carefully. This type of carpet is also recommended for high-traffic areas of the home.

4) Pattern

Pattern carpeting is any carpet that has a pre-determined design. The pattern on this carpet can be classic, modern, simple or ornate. If you’re thinking about investing in a patterned carpet, you’ll want neutral furniture so that the carpet pattern can be the focal point of the room. Otherwise, if you already have a set theme, the patterned carpet may not fit your room’s theme.  In this case, choose a calmer pattern if you want the furniture to be the focal point of the room.

Above all, make sure you select the best carpet for your needs. Ask for flooring specialist to provide a wide range of responsibilities so you can make an informed decision.


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