4 Tips to Ensure That You Can Keep Up with Your Kids

Parenting Power – 4 Tips to Ensure That You Can Keep Up with Your Kids
Parenting Power – 4 Tips to Ensure That You Can Keep Up with Your Kids Image: Kids In Common.com

According to health experts, when people reach the age of forty, the risk of developing serious physical conditions substantially increases. It is a milestone of sorts for your body, a reminder that time can be cruel if you don’t keep your lifestyle on the right track. Yet, it’s also a great opportunity to take a keener interest in diet, exercise, and clean living.

If you’ve got children, they might be teenagers already. The assumption is that this signals the start of easier times for parents, but it isn’t always the case. Whether it’s impromptu chauffeur duties, bedrooms full of dirty washing, or trips to check out schools and colleges; caring for kids is hard at any age. However, you can make it easier by treating your body kindly.

This guide to caring for your health after the age of forty will give you some advice on the best ways to stay fit and strong.

Supplement with Protein

If you want to know how protein helps your bone health, do a little research on its importance for health and physical fitness. Protein is present in every single one of your cells, so everything from their growth to their routine maintenance is dependent upon its consumption.

As you get older, small increases to protein intake help to prevent (and sometimes reverse) the progressive loss of muscle mass. So, if you want to stay stronger for longer, try adding a small amount of protein powder to a breakfast shake, smoothie, or juice.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Macular degeneration, or the loss of fine vision, becomes a much bigger risk over the age of forty. While it’s very difficult to stave off all forms of vision impairment – most people lose some degree of sight in advanced age – you can eat a diet which nourishes and supports your eyes.

This means consuming plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. There is evidence to suggest that such a diet can delay vision loss. Regardless of how well you eat, it’s really important to attend regular eye exams and get the health of your peepers checked out.

Know Your Numbers

Once you get past the age of forty, a lot of different numbers start to grow in prominence. You hear a lot of talk about cholesterol levels, BMI, and blood sugar. The idea is that you find out what is considered healthy and then make sure that your own numbers match up.

You don’t need to wait until forty to start monitoring any of these things, but it’s the age at which people start taking their health a bit more seriously. Your doctor can perform a blood pressure check, a blood sugar test, and help you work out your current cholesterol number.

Investigate Your History

If you’ve got quite a close family, with a good sense of its own history, it might be worth taking a look at some of your ancestors. Family trees say an awful lot about the dangers that you might be genetically predisposed to. It is helpful to be aware of any increased risks.

The big one is, of course, cancer. While a history of cancer in the family doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get it too, it should convince you to be a little more cautious. Attend all screenings, stay in regular contact with your doctor, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Beauty of Getting Bigger, Older, and Wiser

When there’s so much talk about the dangers of middle age, it can make approaching the milestone pretty daunting. However, it’s important to understand that everybody is different. The medical advice for those over the age of forty is simply to keep a closer eye on your general health.

It doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get sick. There are many older citizens who run, swim, climb, cycle, hike and play sports well into their sixties and seventies. They are fit and strong because they’ve treated their bodies with care. Don’t forget that it isn’t just about the length of your life. It’s also about its quality.

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