4 Ways To Keep Your Home Tidy Effortlessly

Having systems & habits in place is the trick to having an organized easy life that runs smoothly. Many people struggle with keeping their home clean & tidy and they wait until the pile of disorganization has built up to start cleaning. Then the procrastination kicks in making things even worse as the heaps of thrash and mess continues to pile up. Keep-dusting-using-vacuum-cleaner

Sound familiar?

Save yourself & your family that hassle and implement a couple cleaning habits to prevent it from even happening.

Here are five easy tricks to keep your lair, clutter and chaos free:

Stay ahead of the clutter

Don’t wait for piles of clothing, plates & thrash to buildup. Wash the Baking Supplies immediately after you finish eating. Fold your shirts & clothes at the end of each day nice & neatly before it hits the floor. Basically stay on top of your game before the clutter starts.

Baby steps is the way to go

Even when you’re staying on top of your stuff and making sure to prevent clutter. Things tend to get messy and build up. Dust collects under your cabinets, the bathroom toilet & tub begins to stain. Have one day a week where you keep things in check. Focus on small tasks instead of trying to tackle everything. Pick 3 small tasks that really need attention and tackle those. It will give you enough motivation & momentum to tackle the cleaning tasks

Multitasking is not always a good idea

You may have been a great multitasker back in high school and fooled all your teachers. But you’re not fooling your house any time soon. If you try to multitask mopping the floor with dusting the baseboards, you will notice the mediocre work at the end of the cleaning. Always keep in mind the tools that you use to make your cleaning tasks a quick job by using efficient tools like a stick vacuums, they are light weight, easy to handle and easy to store.

Clean like a pro would pick one room. Start from the top of the room and clean your way down to the floors. Start from the left side of the room and work your way to the right. Tackle one room and task at a time. Something to keep in mind!

Perfection is for immortals

Do yourself, your home, & your mental health a favor and stop being a perfection freak. It’s not worth it.

The goal is to have an overall tidy home, that you don’t mind inviting a couple friends and family over to. It’s okay if not every part of the carpet is spot white clean and the boxes aren’t piled up in a nice pyramid order. Take a breather and enjoy your life. Perfection is for those that will live forever. Unfortunately I hate to break it to you but your time is ticking so start spending your time on the things that matter

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