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4 Ways to style your home with black chrome furniture 4 Ways To Style Your Home With Black Chrome Furniture

Getting ready to give your home a makeover? You might be looking for design inspiration from various sources such as interior design magazines or Pinterest. If you’re looking for a different style for your house, you might want to consider buying black chrome furniture.

Chrome furniture has already been popular with homeowners. The bright, silver has always added a touch of class to any area in the home. Now, a new finish has been introduced and it has only added another layer of luxury to the already classic chrome finish.

Black and White Interior

Source: Pinterest

If you want to be more subtle in making a statement with the furniture in your home, you can do so with the black chrome. The color makes it versatile, so you can pair it with other types of furniture with a different finish. If you are a fan of minimalism and Scandinavian style interiors, these would be perfect for you.

Hot trends in black and white with chrome

Source: Pinterest Hot trends in black and white with chrome

If you are thinking of ways on how you can style your home with black chrome furniture, read on for some tips.

  1. Use a mirror to make a space bigger – one of the tricks to making a space bigger is using a mirror to free up space. If you have a narrow hallway or you want to make your living room look bigger, don’t hesitate to use a large mirror to do so. With a black chrome mirror, you won’t worry about how it can clash with your other furniture as the finish is very subtle and will blend with most of what you have at home. 

    Use a mirror to make a space bigger

    Image: Houzz.com

  2. Use it as an accent in a modern style living room – many homeowners are becoming more and more enamored with the modern style of designing. Gone are the days when furniture has to be ornate or rooms need a lot of patterns and over the top accents. For those who would like to have a more modern style, chrome furniture, particularly black chrome furniture is a perfect choice. It’s clean and sleek lines will fit perfectly in this kind of environment. There is a lot to choose from, from chairs to side tables so you just need to do your research and see what types of furniture can fit with what you had in mind for the design. Elise-black-chrome-dining-chair-13
  3. Use it to complement your kitchen – kitchens should never be neglected in a home. In fact, many realtors have seen that homeowners who pay attention to how their kitchen is designed to tend to sell their houses quicker. Make your home more attractive by installing black chrome accents in your kitchen. The smoky finish will make it fit in any type of kitchen, whatever the design.Naro-clear-glass-and-elise-4-seater-dining-set-1 From Danetti
  4. Use them for dining chairs and table – if you are more into the Scandinavian look, which mixes monochrome colors like black, white and gray with wood, this furniture line is perfect. Don’t think that the black chrome finish might be too harsh as the wood will soften the look of your dining area

    Decorating with Black

    Source: Pinterest

  5.  Use black and white accents along with a chrome serving tray as a go between the chairs. Frame black and white prints for an accent wall. Cover some books with a black paper and the books to add as accents.

If are looking for this type of furniture for your home, check out danetti.com. They have come up with a whole line featuring black chrome furniture for all rooms in your home.

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