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How I became a designer~ As a result of wearing my designs and sharing them with friends and family and on their encouragement I started selling in hair salons, stopping in stores I frequent and taking orders. Since then I have had booths in trade shows in California, Las Vegas, Utah and various craft shows every year. I have been designing jewelry for over 3 years, my source of inspiration is the changing colors of seasons, the fashion industry and just by laying out the stones and letting them talk to me. I have jewelry currently on display for sale in a Las Vegas store and that can now be purchased on the Internet in several locations. As a result I built website KJ Designs to show off and sell my jewelry I design.As a Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designer a member of SRAJD #2366, my aim is to promote quality, the best customer service possible with realistic prices.

I like using wire in my designs and no two pieces are ever exactly alike, because they are individual creations! My handmade jewelry is a combination of fine metals, Bali beads, Swarovski crystals and gemstones. With each one-of-a-kind creation I make I try to achieve a design that has personality, elegance and beauty so it can be worn with either a casual attire or haute couture. Most of my pieces, in a deliberately rustic style, are filled with earthy, organic gemstones I can’t resist arranging in various shapes and colors.

I gather my supplies, Czech Crystals, Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, semi precious stones, and gemstones from sources from all over the world. I like remaking vintage pieces using old jewelry which I call “My Story Retold”™. I make Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings.


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I am a +70 Blogger that loves connecting with other women through blogging. A new recipe always intrigues, finding a new craft, creating bracelets occasionally and gardening is a favorite and writing brand reviews is a favorite for my readers. But most of all the connection to other bloggers. Creativity, simple life and getting things done

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