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Ahh, the days of returning to school, kids can get a little panicked when starting school, either
because they are starting in a new school or meeting new friends and it does not 
have to be just a kindergarten student, it can be for all ages.
it is not a very pleasant feeling in their tummies.
Something New: You can help ease their mind by letting them know how this new venture is going to be interesting and that they are going to learn many new things this year. That they will have new books, and new supplies, meet new friends and get to interact with their new teacher.
Schedules: All kids will have a hard time getting back on a schedule, it helps if you get the kids to start going to bed early so they don’t drag out of bed when you call them. Getting plenty of rest can help them to deal with the stress of going back to school.
New classroom:  If time permits and the school will allow it, take your kids to the school and browse through the room, get the feeling or where they will be on their first day, this takes some of the mystery and unsettled feeling they might have. If there is time and the teacher is available introduce them to the teacher, this will help in the fear of a new teacher.
Introduce them to the other students:  If you know of the other kids that will be attending your child’s class, see if you can get them acquainted so they will know someone to partner up with on their first day.
Shopping with them:  If it is possible take them with you when you shop for their supplies, we know most schools have lists, and you can help them to pick out things they will need, and allow them to be involved in the choices, it will help to motivate them and help them look forward to returning to school.
Try these steps in helping your kids for their first days back to school, it is always a transitional.
And one more thing, when they return home, allow them to tell you about their first day back at school, praise him on how they handled the first day. 


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