5 Basic Tips When Buying a Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machine Buying Guide for You

Which sewing machine is the best one? The answer to this will be as many as there are brands and models of a sewing machine. However, the best sewing machine for you depends on your capability and budget. You must be aware of your skills and requirements before buying one. Also, think about how you will use the machine when your skills grow. With this guide, you will not only know the important aspects of a sewing machine but also be able to buy the best sewing machine for 2017

The Basics

  • Ask About the Warranty

Get to know about what the warranty covers and what it excludes. There are stores that let you test the machine before buying. You can take your fabric along and test various machines on several fabrics and settings to learn about their stitching performance and use.

  • Use the Right Needle

A wrong needle can not only bend but would damage your machine and fabric. Replace your needles after every sewing project and take your machine for a checkup every two years.

  • Ways to Save

There are sales at Christmas and Mother’s Day, so try buying around that time. Search for discount coupons and ask about trade-in allowances. Do not hesitate to bargain or negotiate with dealers and ask for cost-free sewing lessons.

  • Check Repair Policies

Most retailers provide in-store service or they will ask you to visit a repair center or the manufacturer. Keep the packaging of your machine safe in case it needs to be couriered for repairs.

  • Sewing Machine Types

Technology has been well integrated into sewing machines. And now there are more than just one type of machines to cater more capable sewers. And there are beginner sewing machines for that are simple to use without fancy stitching or complicated instructions.

  • Mechanical Machines

For basic and occasional sewers with a limited budget, this type would work great. Mechanical models need to be manually controlled and can deal with the basic repairs, simple stitching, and craft tasks.

  • Electronic Machines

They are a good option for frequent sewers with a high budget. A great deal of manual dreary sewing tasks gets shifted to computer chips. A standard model has LED screen, touchpad features, different stitch type settings, and a variety of presser feet for tasks like piping and topstitching.

  • Embroidery/Sewing Machines

These machines consist of all of the settings and options included in a detailed electronic machine. Additionally, sewers with this type can also do monogramming and embroidery on pillowcases, garments, and bedspreads.

Sewing Machine Features

A sewer should consider multiple features before buying his/her machine. Even the most typical machine should have the ability to handle a range of textures, from satin to denim, etc. without creating loose or broken stitches, or stretching the fabric.

  • Good Ergonomics and Controls

The machine should respond well to the pressure on foot pedal which means that it should not slow down when stitching thick cloth or various layers. Manual controls should be at hand and easy to manipulate and the LED should have a readable display.

  • Lightweight

If you intend to put away your machine in a store and take it out when there is a sewing task, search for a machine that is lightweight and has a top-handle.

  • Needle Threader

This tows the thread across the needle eye and spares you from peering and feeling frustrated.

  • Top-Load Bobbin

In contrast with former machines which needed you to string the bobbin in a recessed chamber, today’s machines enable you to just glide open a board and fix in the bobbin. Their transparent covers let you see when the tread is going low.

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