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This is a list of 5 products that I love! Sometimes and we all do it, “buy and try”. Then if we like it enough to use the entire product, (and I don know about you, but sometimes I don’t use it to the end) decide while we are shopping, “will I buy it again”, “should I buy it again”  So, these are products that I have tired and repurchased at least 3 times, they have met my criteria and they are keepers and in my book and I will continue to use.  As long as they are available. Just for fun I added up the cost of $41.29.5 Products I Love and I Re-Buy

You might notice these are products that are low in price and widely available, you can pick most of them up at your local stores. Reviva products are available at health food stores like Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon or directly from their online store.


#1. Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion Nourishing  is one of those products I was sceptical about, it is a lotion, you use after you shower. Now how does that work, you put it on and rinse before climbing out. I really didint think it was possible that it would “stick” but it does, and I have extremely dry skin, I mean to the point of flaking. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion does what it claims.

    • Helps Moisturize Instantly
    • Promotes No Sticky Feel
    • For Very Dry Skin
    • Almond Oil

I have tried all of the fragrances now and my favorite is the Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. I tried the Shea Butter, Very Dry, Hydrating Seablue Minerals.  You can find more about Nivea In-Shower Body Lotions Here

InterCell Night Gel w/Hyaluronic Acid

#2. Reviva Labs InterCell Night Gel with Hyaluronic Acid This is a product for someone that want to deep moisturize their face at night and wake up feeling like you have dewy skin. Like I mentioned, I have extremely dry skin to the point of flaking and that includes my face.

I tried this product many years ago and found it an a health product store along with several other products in the Reviva brand. The InterCell helps skin gain and retain moisture, even in air conditioning and dry desert air will dry the skin, this product works. And many skin care products are now advocating “hyaluronic acid” . And this will sound crazy, but it helps to retain moisture from the liquids you drink. You use this product at night to retain moisture to help with that brittle dry flaky skin. Perfect for me. They also have a InterCell Day cream to use under makeup. You can find it on Amazon or Reviva Labs and their products are very reasonable in price at about $11.32 on Amazon

Makeup Primer

#3. Reviva Makeup Primer This product is used over moisturizer or alone under makeup. It fills in lines, pores concealed, excess oil controlled. From their site; Our Makeup Primer is good for any skin type, even oily. You get the oil control you want, along with soft, supple skin. Completely fragrance-free and non-comedogenic (which means it won’t cause clogged pores and breakouts). You can find it on Amazon or Reviva Labs Its cost is $19.50 and goes a long long ways.

Reviva “Hyaluronic acid has become popular in anti-aging skin care because of its ability to add moisture to the skin even in the driest atmosphere, since it binds water from the liquids you consume.”

smart shade cc cream™ complexion corrector

#4. Almay Smart Shade CC Cream; smart shade cc cream™ complexion corrector that I have found great for my skin, it covers imperfections and flaws and my little brown spots that I have. Like a BB cream the Almay CC cream combines skincare and makeup. It goes on easily and stays and has a 35 spf, thankful for that as I do not have to use another product for skin damage. You can find Almay in almost all drugstores, Target, CVS, Walgreens and read more online at Almay

eos hand lotion

#5. eos hand lotion is my new favorite lotion that moisturizes my hands when I am on the go and out and about. It fits in the palm of your hand and great to carry in your purse. The lotion is a light berry fragrance goes on clean, not sticky, not greasy. eos brand comes in lotions, ‎‎Lip Balm – ‎Smooth Sphere Lip Balm and these are also available for super reasonable price from Target, CVS, Walgreens and grocery chains. I love mine and have added these to gifts, they are always a hit. Other fragrances are Cucumber, Fresh Flowers and they cost about $2.49 You can see the whole line of products on Evolutions of Smooth

(Disclosure: I was not compensated for my review of these products, nor are there any affiliate links in this post, this is my personal opinion)


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