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Living room is usually the center place of the house – it’s your home’s heart. As the name of it says: it’s a room for living. It serves as a place to relax after work and during weekends, a place for parties, a study room, and so on, depending on the rest of your home. Since you and your family spend so much time in here, it’s perfectly normal to want to make it as cozy as possible, so here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your living room more inviting.
Reconsider your colour palette
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Reconsider your colour palette

You can easily turn your room into a cozy heaven if you opt for bright, neutral shades for your walls, flooring, and furniture. Natural, earthy tones have a soothing vibe and always make a great choice for a living room. Shades of beige, white and grey are not only stylish but also easy to match with the rest of the interior and can make any room look more spacious. If those are not really your style, you can never go wrong with pastels – creamy shades of blue, green, or pink will turn any living room into a romantic nook.

 For A More Inviting Living Room Soften your lines

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Soften your lines

Straight, harsh lines of your walls and furniture can sometimes look too dramatic and contribute to the unwelcoming atmosphere of the room. Geometric shapes, stripes, and lines are a major trend in contemporary interior design but you don’t have to change your whole style to make your living room a bit more inviting. It’s enough to add a detail or two with soft edges – like a round rug or coffee table. It really is amazing what a single piece of furniture can do to a room.  Carefully pick your materials

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Carefully pick your materials

Another way to soften your living room is to choose the right materials. This applies to your furniture, flooring, and accessories. It’s always best to opt for natural materials, such as cotton, wool, or leather. However,, you can also simply cover the sofa you already have with a cozy plaid. For extra coziness, add a blanket here and there so your guests and family members can wrap themselves if needed. Hardwood floors look very natural and stylish, but rugs bring that welcoming ambiance into the room. Since both kids and grownups love sitting on soft, warm floors, hand-woven rugs, like those from Decorug, make a great option for your living room. Just pick the right colour and enjoy your cozy floor. Make some space

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Make some space

Crowded rooms never look inviting so try to keep things minimal when it comes to furnishing your living room. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy minimalistic furniture – just make sure there’s enough space to walk around without knocking things over. When purchasing furniture, choose in accordance to the size of your room and try not to overwhelm the living room with details. It’s okay to keep the little things and books on the shelves, but try not to clutter. The general rule is to keep up to five non-book objects per shelf. Try matching the colour palette as well and watch your living room declutter before your eyes.  Watch for the details

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Watch for the details

Looking at a piece of art usually makes people feel inspired so consider hanging at least one painting above their sofa. If you’re not an art expert, you can play safe and go for a landscape or still life. Don’t make the TV your full-time focal point, advise the interior design experts, since it can distract people and deter conversation when turned on. On the other hand, the room might feel incomplete when it’s turned off. Instead, put a TV in a den or a playroom, or hide it with movable cabinetry in your living room. Greenery is another way to level up your space – not only will it look trendy, it will also improve your indoor air quality.

We spend more than half of our lives in our homes, so it’s no wonder we want them to be as comfortable as possible. Since the living room is the hotspot of the house, the good news is that it can easily be transformed into a soothing, cozy oasis. Try some of the ideas listed above and soon you’ll be able to sit back, relax and really enjoy your living room.

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