5 Tips For The Perfect Hardwood Floors 

Best Tips For The Perfect Hardwood Floors Best Tips For The Perfect Hardwood Floors

Our floors are continuously getting trampled on with dirty shoes, splashed with juice spills, or accidents from our furry friends; no matter the dilemma we are all searching for the BEST way to clean our homes’ floors. If we have to spend the time cleaning them, I know I want them to look perfect! I have tried endless amounts of methods, and have FINALLY found something that does the trick in our busy home!

We have hardwood throughout our lower level, and though I love them they do take a little extra effort so they don’t get damaged. I found some helpful floor cleaning  tips and figured I would share them here 🙂

Steps To Cleaning Your Hardwood

  1. I like to start with a dry soft mop, I personally use a swiffer with a dry pad. This allows me to get the debris off of the floor before tackling the tough grime. AVOID regular brooms– these can cause scratching to your floors!
  2. I then use a natural homemade floor cleaner. Most commercially- sold products have unwanted toxins we don’t want around our children or pets, so I choose to use a mixture of water and vinegar.
  3. According to thehomemakersjournal.com, it is recommended to start with ¼ cup of vinegar in my water bucket, depending on what condition my floors are in that day. I enjoy adding a scented  essential oil  as well, to leave my home with a wonderful, fragrant smell!
  4. You are then ready to clean! Make sure to wring out your mop! It should only be damp– too much water can be damaging to your floors.
  5. If you have any spots that just don’t want to come clean, try spot cleaning them with a little baking soda and a soft sponge. Gently scrub the targeted area, rinse, and make sure it is dry! This will hopefully do the trick! (It’s been a lifesaving tactic in our home!)

I hope this home remedy is as helpful for your busy home as it has been for mine! Let’s be honest we all get overwhelmed with housework in our busy schedules, and this simple solution has made cleaning the floors a quick, safe way to clean the floors with my childrens and pets around!

But if you are just having “one of those weeks” this is a cleaning service that I would HIGHLY suggest a professional cleaning service like Alpine Maids to do your “dirty work”! I have worked with them many times, and they are always professional and strive to get my home back into tip-top shape!

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