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Some Fashionable Wardrobe Must-Haves for Teen Girls

Many girls believe in buying as many trendy outfits and accessories as possible as they feel that by doing so, they would be creating a fashionable and super-stylish wardrobe. But it is a good idea to buy wisely, instead, of buying blindly and picking up every outfit or accessory that seems to be in vogue. Do not put too much pressure on your budget.

Girls love to stay updated and they enjoy keeping up with all the latest fashion trends but it is important to choose comfortable clothes that are fashionable too. Obviously, the fashion scenario is a dynamic one and things keep changing at the flicker of an eyelid. However, you must realize that there are absolutely no hard and fast rules dictating your fashion sense.

Your wardrobe must essentially contain some simple items and some important collections. When you are in your teens, everything looks rosy and you have loads of fun. Teenage years are all about style, fashion, and experimentation with different looks. Today teenagers have an easy access to unlimited big labels, reputed brands, and impressive clothing collections. They are simply spoilt for choice. Here are a few wardrobe must-haves for teenagers so that they could look fashionable and unique in their own way without upsetting the budget.

Denim Is the Way to Go

Every teenager must have, at least, two or three pairs of denim in different styles, patterns, and cuts that would be different, fitting wise. Your pair of jeans could be skinny tight, flared, or even Capri style. A denim skirt could be immensely impressive when teamed with fun tops and tees. Every teenager must have a pair of hot skinny jeans. Always choose your type of jeans as per your body shape and time. You must possess, at least, a nice pair of jeans to help you stay fashionable and trendy.Fitted and Flare Denim Jeans


Teenagers simply love the smart layered look. You must have a number of camisoles in neutral colors such as gray, white, black etc. Wear a smart tee-shirt in any solid tone over the camisole so that it could be peeking from underneath the tee-shirt. You may also wear a shrug or an unbuttoned checkered and collared shirt over the camisole to create a wonderful layered look. Camisoles


Buy a few basic tee-shirts in solid colors. These are an absolute wardrobe essential for young girls. You must have a black and white tee-shirt in your wardrobe for sure. Choose tee-shirts in colors that uplift your mood. Choose tee-shirts that have a designed neckline. Most girls love to wear a V-shaped neckline. Teenagers must experiment with bright and vibrant colors such as red, yellow, orange, royal blue, navy blue, and pink. Wear these basic tee-shirts with your skinny jeans or your ripped jeans for the trendy look. T-Shirts

Fashion Accessories

You must have a few pairs of trendy socks in innovative designs so that your feet look attractive. If you wish to stand out from the rest, you could wear the fascinating Alice in Wonderland Socks. You must also have beautiful scarves in vibrant colors and stunning designs to team with your normal outfits to make them look something special. Alice_in_Wonderland_Socks_Tenniel_White_Rabbit Socks

Another must-have fashion accessory is a watch. Today most teenagers carry a smartphone but many of them still love to flaunt a watch mostly to make a fashion statement. Wristwatches for teenagers come in varied designs, colors, interesting materials, and creative styles. You must have one, at least. Every teenage girl should have some dainty exclusive barely-there jewelry in their closet to enhance the elegance and feminine charm.

Fitted Blazers

Fitted blazers for girls work best in all seasons. You could wear smartly fitted blazers on most formal occasions and even on casual occasions. You could team them up with your casual jeans to come up with a hip and happening look. A fitted blazer is supposed to be a great choice as it could be teamed with any outfit of your choice. Fitted Blazers

Ballet Flats

The ballet flats are a wardrobe essential for all girls. Flats are just right if you are looking for something that looks slightly more polished and chic as compared to the standard sneakers but more comfortable to wear than the heels. The ballet flats would complement your jeans and tee-shirt look and create a smart and a chic look. Black or nude colored flats are the best as they are truly versatile and team well with different colored outfits. Ballet Flats

And whether your teens room is large or small it would be great if she can organize her wardrobe and accessories, you can combine components and accessories from different systems to create a custom closet for storage solutions that can last beyond her teen years.


These are just a few of the wardrobe basics. Frocks and sundresses are pretty common in a girl’s wardrobe too. Choose a few basic clothes and team them well with smart shrugs and shirts and stunning accessories. You are ready to take the world in your stride.

Author Bio: Janet Wilson is a fashion designer who specializes in kids wear. She is an active blogger too. She recommends the unique and stunning Alice in Wonderland Socks for kids who would like to stand out from the rest. 6 Fashionable Wardrobe Must-Haves for Teen Girls

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