6 Key Hand Exercises for Effective Arthritis Pain Management

Osteoarthritis of the hands is a genetic disorder that mainly affects women and its onset is around menopause in your 40s and 50s. This condition usually affects the base of the thumb and joints found at the finger ends. The joints tend to be tender and swollen, especially during the initial stage of this condition.  Read on to know five hand exercise that will help in management of arthritis pain. Hand Exercises Photo

Making a fist

This is one exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere whenever your hands get stiff. This exercise may seem easy. However, it can be a challenge when your hand is stiff, in pain and inflamed. You should bend your hand slowly into a fist and position your thumb on the outside of the hand. Make sure that you practice making and releasing your fists ten times and ensure that each time it is tighter.

Finger lift

You can do this exercise buy placing your left hand on a flat surface, with your palm facing down. You should then lift every finger slowly from the table one at a time. Take time to hold every finger for two seconds before lowering it. Make sure that you do this finger raise with all fingers on the left hand and then move to the right hand. This exercise will not stress your sore joints and will help maintain mobility in your knuckle joints.

Wrist Stretch

The wrists can also get stiff and sore because of arthritis. You can exercise your wrist by holding the right arm while your palm is facing down. You should then use your left hand to press down the right hand gently until you feel that the wrist and arm has stretched. You should then repeat this ten times on both hands for effective Arthritis pain management.

Making an “O”

To make an “O” with your hands, you should begin with your hand pointing upwards. You should then curve all fingers inwards until they touch each other. You should ensure that your fingers form an “O” shape and hold them in this position for several seconds. You should then straighten your fingers and repeat this exercise severally on each hand.

Spread fingers

When your hands are inflamed and sore, you may have challenges spreading your fingers. This exercise involves spreading all your fingers wide open. You should start by slowly spreading all fingers apart. You should hold this position for a few seconds and try separating your thumb from the other fingers.

Finger bends

With this exercise, you should open your hand wide while holding it straight up. You should then bend the thumb towards the palm, hold it for a few seconds and then straighten it. Follow this sequence for your index finger, middle finger and the small finger on one hand. You should then repeat the entire sequence with your other hand.

There are many options of treating arthritis affecting your hands. You can opt for inflammation and pain relieving medications taken orally or applied topically. You can also use steroid injections in your splint, joints and hands. Exercise can also help in reducing inflammation, keeping your tendons and ligaments flexible. Exercise will also boost synthesis of synovial fluid which will improve joint function and reduce discomfort.

For a Printout of Hand Exercises Check from Mayo Clinic Click Here

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