6 Tips on Feeling Elegant and Classy

How to Look and Feel Elegant and Classy

All the cutting edge trends feature looks of edgy alternative youthfulness with vibrant colors, daring accessories, and form-fitting cuts and shapes for clothing. While this is an attractive look and works well for some, many of us find ourselves wishing for the days of classy elegance – such as Audrey Hepburn and Eva Gabor. How can we achieve this classy lady look in a world of evolving, modern fashion trends that fly so quickly? How can we keep up and find ourselves in the whirlwind? That’s the best part about fashion – it’s an amazing way to express yourself, and fashion is a great outlet for creativity. You find ways to personalize any look and throw in elegant touches that match your personality!

  1.       During the day, wear your make-up subtle and focus more on the clothes and hair. Bold colors and dramatic eyeliner will take away from your overall look and draw attention to the face – a good thing for an evening out, but a bit much for a casual day. An elegant way to show off a beautifully crafted outfit is to let the clothes speak for themselves. 
  2.       Body language is everything. Walk tall, keep your toes pointed, and pay attention to the way you move. It may be a little thing that people find silly, but you’ll find yourself feeling more confident in beautiful if you’re aware of your body. Have fun, play a bit!
  3.       Pick perfumes that speak to you. Wearing a classy perfume and applying it in places that produce the most sweat, such as the lower back or behind the knee, can keep you smelling beautiful all day long. Take a look at these Charlie perfume reviews to get an idea on some of the classy scents out there. 
  4.       Give your nails some quality attention. Small details are what pull a look together, so focus on the little things such as nail care and manicures. A beautiful coat of color and shine can pull your look together in a great way, and looks like the cherry on top! Treat yourself and go for a whole spa treatment, completed with a pedicure

  5.       Don’t be afraid to jazz up under the clothes, too. Some sexy lingerie can be the finishing touch that puts you directly in the shoes of a beautiful, classy lady. What makes you feel great will help you look great, and confidence is sexy on anyone. Knowing that you are dressed to your best even under the pantsuit could be just the push you need to feel like the elegant woman you aspire to be.
  6.       Never stop experimenting and believing! The best way to get the most out of fashion is to explore your options and yourself by trying new things and challenging your comfort zone. Fashion is a form of self-discovery, so don’t be afraid to really put your neck out there and experience the world the way you want to. 



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