Cooking Series: 6 Tips to Increase the Flavor of Your Dishes

How to Cook Better: 6 Tips to Increase the Flavor of Your Dishes 6 Tips To Increase The Flavor Of your Dishes Add Some Herbs and Spices To Your Recipes

Looking for ways on how to enhance flavors of your meals? Read on! Below, let me give you some tips 6 tips to increase the flavor of your dishes

Enhancing flavors should not be limited to just salt and pepper—I love these two cooking essentials, but I constantly look for other layers of flavor that will make a dish more delicious.

Whether you’re a kitchen newbie who’s trying to figure out recipes or an experienced home cook who wants to change things up a bit, this post is for you!

  1.    Add some herbs and spices Add Some Spices To Your Recipes

This is one of the healthiest ways to add an extra layer of flavor. There are so many herbs and spices to choose from! My advice to those who are not yet familiar with spices is to first explore the flavor combinations by simply doing research on pairings.

For example, chives are excellent in eggs and soups, and coriander is great with meat stews.

Herbs and spices can also offer protection against chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease, so you aren’t just getting flavor—you’re also reaping health benefits!

  1.    Sprinkle some good cheese.Sprinkle some good cheese

I love randomly adding cheese like cheddar and parmesan to my snacks, so I thought, why not make it an actual part of the meal?

Cheese adds an extra layer of saltines, richness, and oftentimes funkiness (the good kind!) to a dish. My go-to is crumbly cheese (like goat cheese and other cheeses similar to it) which is excellent with salads and omelets.

When I’m making pasta and I feel like one layer of parmesan cheese is not enough, I usually add a small amount of something funky, like blue cheese or gorgonzola. A little goes a long way!

Don’t go overboard, though. Too much cheese can ruin your dish!

  1.    Add heat using chili peppers.  Add heat using chili peppers

If you want to add both flavors and kick to your dish, then peppers and chilis are your best bet.

My personal favorites are the dried, whole chili peppers that you can buy from any Asian store. When it’s time to add it to any dish, I simply chop it up! This way, I get to really maximize the flavors.

  1.    Make use of condiments.  Make use of condiments.

I always make sure that I have lots of condiment choices at home. This allows me to create wonderful sandwiches and dips—never boring, always unique! Condiments can either enhance flavor or complement the other ingredients of the dish.

If you have condiments such as mustard, wasabi, tapenade, or compound butter, you can easily turn a boring sandwich exciting. I like my grilled cheese plain, but I’d occasionally toast it with some compound butter, and the results are divine!

Don’t add too much though, as these have the tendency to have high-calorie count, as well as high salt and sugar content.

  1.    Add acidic fruitsAdd acidic fruits

Lemon and lime are some of the citrus fruits that I always have in the kitchen. I would normally use them in teas and water, as well as dinners and lunches.

Acidic fruits add an extra layer of tart flavor and zing to both sweet and savory dishes. A squeeze of lemon on a fish dish, for instance, instantly gives way to a cleaner, non-fishy taste.

A shaving of lime zest on a plain cheesecake balances out the richness and adds a beautiful layer of tanginess.

  1. Explore new cooking methods.Explore new cooking methods

This does not require any additional ingredient. You can increase the flavor of your dish by simply changing the way you cook it.

If you’re used to cooking with meat and veggies by stewing or slow-cooking, why not the faster method of wok-cooking? Using this Chinese technique does not only preserve the nutrients of the food—but it also retains amazing flavor that is usually lost in slow-cooking.

Now, get cooking!

Were these tips helpful? I hope this post gave you new ideas! A simple addition of one ingredient will go a long way, so keep experimenting and exploring new flavors!

Let me know what you think! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them in the comments section below.

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