6 Tips When Traveling With a Young Family

Travelling with a young family: do’s and don’ts

Planning a family holiday? Then here are a few tips on how to ensure your journey and your holiday all go smoothly. Travelling with a young family: do’s and don’ts  Traveling With a Young Family

Think ahead

First and foremost, plan ahead, with a young family you need certainty, you don’t want to be driving around for hours on end looking for a place to stay. Irritable, tired and hungry children in your car is something you want to avoid, so book your holiday (travel and accommodation) in good time. You can have a chat beforehand about the length and mode of the journey, and where you’ll be staying, which will help them take it all in their stride.

Check your route

Don’t rely solely on your sat nav, familiarise yourself with the route beforehand and pack an up-to-date road map, just in case technology lets you down.

Allow extra time 

Leave in good time and allow yourself additional journey time, so you are prepared for all eventualities and can take the journey at a relaxed pace. It’s better to be early than late; and that way you are all much more likely to arrive calm and collected.

Rainy day activities

Take a few activities that will keep your young family amused, however long the journey, whatever the weather, and wherever you’re staying. Keep a few of these close at hand, so if you’re delayed on route, you can whip them out as a distraction and download a few new, age appropriate apps to your phone for just such an occasion.

Also, be sure to pack a few small treats and surprises so that you can produce them at just the right moment. Check what entertainment, tech and games are included in your holiday accommodation, so you don’t duplicate or carry more than is necessary.

Discover the world around them

Encourage your young family to observe the world around them, whether with the help of an i-spy book, a notebook, sketch pad or a camera. Also, keep in mind a few car games suitable for all the family, many of which draw on their powers of observation.

Pack snacks

Be sure to pack a few snack for the journey, you know your family, their likes, dislikes and needs, so having some food that fits the bill, will save you time, trouble and money further down the road.

Yes, they’ll be restrictions on taking food if you’re flying, so be sure to check what’s included in your tickets and be prepared to buy a few refreshments at the airport while you wait for your flight. Don’t rely solely on cards, have some loose change to hand too (in all relevant currencies).

Check the weather

Keep up to date on the weather reports for your destination (and your route); so you’re all dressed appropriately and comfortable, as excesses of heat or cold are bound to make a young family fractious.

Heading to the beach?

To make the most of your beach holiday, pack a few essentials for the seaside, like sun block, sun hats, a bucket and spade. Take a baby beach tent too, so your little ones have a shady place to stay in the heat of the sun, so you all enjoy your time to the max.

So there you have a few hints and tips for how to ensure travelling with your young family is as hassle free as possible; and you all make the most of your holiday.

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