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6 Tips For the Wedding Guests


Because of the importance of the upcoming affair, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the things you need to take into consideration when attending a wedding. However, the truth is, you don’t really have to remember all that much – you’re there as support to witness a union of love, and your primary responsibility is not to mess everything up! The following are some simple directions that’ll keep you on the right side of things.

  1. Wear Proper Clothing

Generally-speaking, you have to avoid wearing bright white – in fact; anything that’s too close to white is not good form. These colors are usually reserved for the bride and groom. It simply won’t do if they’re the only ones that don’t stand out on their special day. As a woman, there’s a varied selection of Azazie dresses that are sure to meet your needs; you can shop on the site by neckline, back style, embellishment and other attributes.

  1. Adhere to the RSVP Notes

On your invitation card to the wedding, there will of course be guidelines on the kind of atmosphere they expect. If you cannot make it, make their lives easier to sending in your regretful absence, or your happy acceptance of their invite. There are a limited number of seats in any wedding, so don’t bring along anyone who wasn’t invited.

  1. Gifting

Gifting At A Wedding

If there is one event that always requires a physical gift, then it’s a wedding; if you’ve been invited, be sure to bring a present for the couple. It can be a watch for the groom and jewelry for the bride, or perhaps tickets to a venue that you know they love. The point is; it’s bad etiquette to attend a wedding empty-handed.

  1. Timeliness is Next to Godliness

Remember; it’s a hectic day, and by being late, you only add to anxiety that’s sure to be running through the bride’s mind. In fact, they may very well have hired a professional photographer, and you don’t want to be the one holding her up as she prepares to take the group shot. Sometimes, you cannot avoid tardiness; in this case, slink in quietly and without fanfare.

  1. Let the Entertainment Do Their Thing

As the wine and champagne starts flowing freely, people get loose and do things that they might otherwise hesitate to do. Case in point: avoid asking the entertainment or D-Jay to play any songs for you. Even if they don’t have a playlist already, this honor should be reserved for the bride and groom.

  1. Respect the Rules on Photography 

You can, of course, bring along your own camera or Smartphone/tablet; however, if they’ve hired a professional, please make sure to stay out of his way. If he asks you to move out of a shot – understand that the courteous thing to do would be to simply move. Indeed; they may have requested that you leave picture-taking devices at home in the invitation letter; if this is so, follow the directions.

Let’s make it a successful wedding; with your help, this is possible. Don’t stress leading up to the big day, as you should have everything in place beforehand – dress, shoes, gift, etc. It’ll be a day to remember for more than just the bride and groom.


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