6 Ways Of Making Your Romantic Cruise Even More Memorable

6 Sure-Fire Ways of Making Your Romantic Cruise Even More Memorable

As your anniversary or your significant other’s birthday or Valentines approaches, it’s time start thinking of a few ideas on how to spend a romantic evening in London. Options abound, but in this article we look at one of the most romantic ways of having a nice lunch or a romantic evening with the person that holds your heart: a romantic lunch or dinner cruise.Romantic Evening Dinner Cruise

What makes a romantic cruise in London memorable?

  1. The river Thames. Needless to say, but let’s mention it. There’s nothing quite like spending your lunch or evening sailing in luxury on the Thames. The undulating waves, the heaving vessel, the gentle rocking of the ship… It’s a sensual metaphor begging to come to life. As the swells of the river grow, you have the perfect excuse to take your partner’s hands and pull them in closer. They are your anchor, after all.
  2. The traditions. Don’t think outdated – think retro. Venerable cruise rituals take you on a trip back in time to the piquant days of Lauren Bacall and Frank Sinatra. The captain’s cocktail party gives you good reason to get all dolled up, and you will have the opportunity to meet the master and take a nice photo before heading over to the awaiting trays of cocktails and champagne.
  3. The food. Little else stimulates your senses in the way that good food and fine wine does. The cruise setting makes it all the more meaningful. Enjoy the extensive menus at Valentine-red velvet banquettes. Elaborately designed romantic cruise dinners, such as those offered by http://www.thamesdinnercruise.co.uk/, fuel the embers of passion with aphrodisiacal ingredients with flirtatious descriptions.
  4. The pre- or post-cruise spa. New age-esque music, firm strokes and essential oils have the intoxicating effect of bringing out your inner exhibitionist. So what could be better than arranging for a couple’s massage – where both of you enjoy a massage in the same room – after your romantic cruise dinner to give your relationship a whole new dimension of togetherness? 6 Sure-Fire Ways of Making Your Romantic Cruise Even More Memorable
  5. The starry night sky. Make reservations on a luxury romantic cruise boat on which you and your significant other can soak up the glowering night sky in each other’s arms. For a memorable experience, try getting a place on the deck chairs or at an open-air bar where you can sip on frosty margaritas with fire in your hearts and the wind in your hair.
  6. The isolation. There’s no doubt about the feeling of escape that you experience while on the cruise boat sailing along the Thames. It provides the perfect escape from the busy London streets. Away from the land, with the water maybe hundreds of feet below, you and your significant enjoy the liberating feeling of being truly adrift in the vast sea of isolation.

There are without doubt countless ideas for enjoying a quiet evening with your beloved on holidays and dates that are special to the both of you. Spending itat a luxury romantic cruise is certainly among the most unforgettable, especially because there are numerous ways in which you can make the experience unique every time.


Tanya D. Francis has worked as a cruise ship manager in the vacation industry for 13 years and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to cruise vacations. Learn more about romantic cruise dinners at www.thamesdinnercruise.co.uk.


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