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We all have that one girl in our life who is the last one at the party. She loves to go out every weekend and ends up putting a million photos on Facebook at the end of the night. When it’s time for her birthday, here are some unique gift ideas for the girl who loves to party!


All girls need a great clutch bag in their life. It’s essential to carry our dollars, makeup, and ID when we head out for a night out. It’s also ideal to add some sparkle to your outfit, so that you look fabulous when you head out. Therefore, to get your buddy something special, you should consider getting her a new clutch for partying. A silver or gold bag would be ideal to go with her outfit for a night out. You could even go the extra mile by filling it with some partying essentials, such as her favorite lippie and some chewing gum!

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One of the easiest things to buy your girlfriend who loves to party is a bottle of their favorite tipple. If she’s a wine fan, you can buy her a bottle of red and white that she can drink on her next night out. If she’s more of a beer fan, you could get her a couple of unique brands to try when she next goes out partying. To make it more unique, you could buy custom beer labels which goes around the bottle. You could put something like ‘party girl’, or if it’s a special age, you could put this on the drink. That way, she can drink it and then keep the label as a souvenir!


Every girl who loves to party ends up on the dance floor before long during a night out. However, often our dancing is not the best in the world! Therefore, why not get her dance lessons as a lovely present that she will love? She can practice some moves and then can show them off on her next night out! To make it more fun, the two of you can go together and have a laugh while learning some great dance moves!


You could also look at getting your favorite girlfriend a beautiful new pair of heels. High heels are a must-have for a night out (even though they leave us in pain the next day!), so she will love a brand new pair to add to her collection. You could go for a bright color as we tend to buy just nude and black high heels when we are out shopping! Therefore, go for a juice red or a simmering lemon, so she stands out during her next night out partying!


Your friend is bound to love making cocktails if she is the queen of parties. Therefore, you could send her on a cocktail making course so she gets some new ideas to try out at her party. It’s a lot of fun and she gets to sample some for free which is always fun. If you can’t afford to send her on a course, you could make her a book of cocktail recipes. You then can buy her some simple syrup and a cocktail shaker and she will be ready to go!


A special wine glass is a great gift that your friend can keep forever. After all, you can never have enough wine glass. You could buy a plain one and then decorate it with crystals so that it smells out her name. Or you could buy a fun glass which has plenty of color and pattern. She will keep it safe and will get it out when it’s party time so she can sip away in style!


One of the worst things about going out partying is the hangover you face the next day. So why don’t you buy her a hangover book? It will give her plenty of inspiration on how to get over the terrible headache she will face the next day. There are plenty of books online you could buy, or you could even make her one yourself. Then you can fill it with great advice you find on the net to cure that painful hangover!

And don’t forget to buy her a great selfie stick so she can get some perfect pictures while she is on a night out!
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