7 Proven Ideas for Stress Management You Need to Know

7 ideas for stress management you need to know

We all already know that every human being would experience failure and disappointment. This condition can drive every person to uncomfortable situations, which cause feelings of sadness, anxiety, doubt or confusion. This condition is one of the characteristics of mental disorders, known as stress.

Stress is able to cause various complications or disorder, either physically, socially and psychologically. It will worsen the thinking ability of individuals under stress condition, especially in the concentration, the ability to understand the situation, the ability of decision-making, and also the ability of finding solution. Stress will eventually lead to abnormal behavior in individuals who experience stress.7 Proven Ways For Stress Management You Should Know

If we experience stress capable of affecting our daily lives then we need what called stress management. Simply put, stress management is defined as the ability to use human resources effectively with a view to overcoming any mental disorder or chaos and emotional disorders that arise as a response. Related to this definition, we can conclude that stress management is an ability to control the response in proportion as such a person can improve his or her life quality. Stress actually would not have happened if someone is able to protect himself from all kinds of external pressures.

Processing Stress Techniques
Stress management can be done by implementing several measures. We should not limit ourselves in some ways only, but in general or in the world of psychiatry stress management measures can be grouped into seven methods as follows:

  • Engineering environment7 Ideas For Stress Management
    • Engineering personality
    • Calming the mind
    • Increasing physical activity
    • Introspection
    • Improving relationships
    • Undergoing therapy

The seven ideas above are very important to improve our psychological condition. To realize, stress management is closely linked with the so-called “Flight or Fight”. Flight means leaving any mental condition while Fight means fighting against all problems effectively. Fight option is the core of how to reduce stress. Waiver of stress management will result in someone getting deeper into a psychological bondage that can cause severe side effects, such as permanent mental disorder!
The first step in stress management is to engineer the environment. This is an attempt to change the working environment with the aim to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. What needs to be changed is the variety of factors that have the potential to generate stress. In cases where a manager trying to reduce the stress experienced by his employees, he can add the workforce so as to reduce the working frequency of his employees. To reduce stress qualitatively, he can diminish the responsibility that must be met by his employees. According to

Elkin and Rosch, two experts of stress management, a number of strategies to reduce stress can be applied to redesign the task, design a friendly working environment, make work schedules flexible, encourage participatory management, establish goals, provide social support and feedback, etc.
The second step is to engineer the personality. It is a strategy used in an attempt to cause the changes related to the individual’s personality. The aim is to prevent stress so that the threshold stress can be further improved. The changes that are intended include knowledge, skills, and values that influence perceptions and attitudes of workers. Skills training program is one strategy to improve the skills of the workforce so that the confidence can be improved in the work environment.Stress Management-Pressures of Stress
The third step is to calm the mind. This step aims to reduce the activity of thought, which is the process of thinking in the form of planning, remembering, imagining, all of which can reduce anxiety. Quieting the mind can be done by ways of meditation, yoga, autogenic relaxation training, neuromuscular relaxation training, etc.

The fourth step is to reduce stress through physical activity. It aims to destroy or to use until the end results of the stress produced by fear and threat, or anything that alters hormones and the nervous system to the worse. The main benefit obtained from the physical activity is that this activity can lower our reactivity to stress in the future by way of relaxing. Sports can increase immunity against stress. Exercising can help us to reduce anxiety heart and even to fight the rage. It can be explained medically that the performance of the heart can reinforce concentration of mind. When we exercise, the performance of our heart will be divided, thus preventing us too focused on the problems we face. This step is also one of tips for being healthy.

The fifth step is introspection. Introspection is very useful to reflect back on what we have done and help us in obtaining what called the enlightenment. Without doing introspection we will not know the real cause of the problems we face. As long as we do not know the real cause of the problems we face, we will always feel confused and will be under pressure that continues to grow over time. You need to do an internal introspection so that you can see if there are some wrong things in your life so far. By understanding what makes our stress we can take what needed on a better way.
The sixth step is to increase our social interaction. By increasing promiscuity then our minds can be diverted to a better direction. By communicating with other people, we will not always think the same problem continuously. By associating you also have great chances to get different suggestions or advice to overcome the problems that become the source of your stress.

The seventh step or the final step is to undergo therapy given by a psychologist or you can get advice from the best online psychics. With therapy, each patient can avoid what called fixatie. It is a kind of response that is always doing something that looks stereotype that always wears the same way. Psychological therapy can also prevent rationalism, namely how to help themselves improperly or tactics of self-righteousness by making something that is not rational.

I hope by reading this article you can be helped in solving all your problems that can drive you to a prolonged stress. Thanks for your attention and good luck!



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