7 Reasons Why You Should Install Glass Pool Fencing

Your swimming pool is probably one of the few places in the whole house, where you can relax out in the open air. So, whether you want some alone time, or want to enjoy family time, or have a gala time with friends, the pool is the best place to do so; especially on a hot summer afternoon.

Once fun time is over, an issue that might pop up is the safety of an unsecured pool. There are many problems related with such a pool, so you need to get the pool fenced. There are many types of pool fences, but one of the best options is glass pool fencing. Agencies and online stores in cities like Brisbane have top quality glass fences for your pools. Why You Should Install Glass Pool Fencing


Fence around a pool is a great safety feature. So, why are glass fence so special and better in comparison to other fencing options?
Well, here are the reasons, for which this type of fencing is considered great:

♦ Completely Unobstructed View of and from The Pool:

If you have a glass fence, then an added advantage is that you get an unobstructed view of your beautiful pool. This not only beautifies your property but also has another benefit. Also, you may enjoy a nice view of the surroundings from the pool while relaxing.

Suppose your pet jumps into the pool, over the fencing then you can save them in time, whereas a fencing that obstructed your view would have blocked the view completely.

♦Increased Aesthetic Value of Property:

If you compare a property that has brick or concrete walls around the pool with a pool surrounded by glass fence, then you will find the latter to be much more pleasant from a visual aspect.

Thus, glass fence around the pool has a positive impact on the aesthetic value of the property.

♦ Cannot Get Rusted:

Certain fence like iron fence needs to be oiled and painted at regular intervals, so that they do not get rusted. Install a glass fence and you can stop worrying about this problem.

This helps you to save money on the painting along with oiling services and enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool.

♦ Low Maintenance and Cleaning Cost:

While you take a dip in the pool or go for a swim, water will be splashed onto the fence. If your fence is made of glass then you do not have to worry about the fence getting corroded over time.

Other advantages include the fact that mould does not grow easily on glass or get discoloured with time, making it a perfect material to be present around areas that have water or high moisture content.

♦Long Lasting:

Glass is a material, which is strong and rigid. These properties help it to last for a longer period of time. The glasses used for fencing a pool are the toughened and tempered variants, so it does not break easily.

This is a great feature for households with kids and pets because while they are playing around the pool, there is a chance that they may collide with the fencing. Tempered and toughened glass does not break even on collision, making it a safe for kids and pets.


It is true that the overriding factor for a pool fence is maximum safety but there is also another factor that plays a huge importance – cost.
It is a common misconception that glass fences cost much more than the other types of pool fences. In fact, glass fences can cost less over time because maintenance of such fences is significantly low and cleaning the fences is a hassle-free process.
So, get your pool glass fenced and enjoy your pool with an unobstructed view of the surroundings.


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