7 Most Romantic Rio Vacation Ideas for Couples in Love

Vacation Ideas for Couples in Love

If you are planning a romantic trip, Rio de Janeiro is one of the best choices you can make. The city is fascinating and there are many things for couples to do. Mix some original and classic Rio vacation ideas and enjoy your adventure to the fullest. rio-de-janeiro-1963744

7 Romantic Rio Vacation Ideas You Will Love

1.      Visit Confeitaria Colombo

Confeitaria Colombo is an amazing place where you can witness the majestic beauty of old Rio. This café-restaurant is located in a historic building with every luxurious detail preserved to perfection. Enjoy an afternoon tea here with your loved while soaking up the elegance of Belle Époque.

2.      Take a Swim at Costa Verde Beaches

Surprisingly, not all the best Rio vacation ideas will keep you in the city itself. If you long for a truly romantic and relaxing day, take a short boat trip top Costa Verde. Here you can enjoy hundreds of sandy beaches and small islands. Explore the place until you find a perfect piece of paradise for the two of you. rio beachs

3.      Take a Stroll Through Parque Lage

Parque Lage is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Rio de Janeiro. In the heart of it, you will find one of the most spectacular buildings this city has. This architectural masterpiece is currently used as an art school and you can get inside to visit various exhibitions. If you want to enjoy a romantic meal, the park has a café and a restaurant.

4.      Explore Rio on Foot

A walk through a beautiful city is one of the most amazing activities for a couple in love. Of course, to make it truly enjoyable, you must make sure you don’t get lost or meet any trouble in an unfamiliar big city. You can easily avoid this by joining one of the free walking tours in Rio de Janeiro. A professional guide will be able to show you all the most beautiful places and tell fascinating stories.

5.      Cycle Around Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon

If you are looking for more active Rio vacation ideas, you can take a cycling tour. Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is one of the most scenic places around and seeing it from a bike is perfect. If you are up for something more adventurous, simply rent a couple of bikes and go on exploring the city on your own. It’s a great way to discover gems that are usually hidden from the tourists’ eyes.

6.      Watch the Sunset from the Sugarloaf Mountain

There is no more romantic time than the sunset and no better place to enjoy it than the Sugarloaf Mountain. The view is nothing short of splendid and the setting is perfect for romantic confessions. Witnessing the marvelous color show designed by Mother Nature herself is sure to become one of the most incredible experiences of your life. This alone can be a highlight of your Rio holiday. rio sun set in mountains-2976413

7.      Light Up the Night in Rio Scenarium

If you are looking for the best Rio vacation ideas for the night, no place is better than Rio Scenarium. It’s another majestic historic building turned restaurant, show hall, and club. Here you can enjoy true Brazilian dancing, watch fantastic performances and have a few drinks. The place is eclectic and truly unique. A definite must-see for every traveler who wants to see beyond the classic face of Rio presented to tourists.

 More Rio Vacation Ideas for Couples

Brazil welcomes tourists with open arms, which is why millions of people visit it every year. Rio de Janeiro definitely is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and discovering all its wonders will take a while. Plan your trip so you can see some most famous sights, but also step out of the beaten tourist paths.

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