9 Holistic Treatments for Arthritis

Anyone who’s had arthritis knows how painful it can be. Some types of arthritis get worse with the years. If you’re already taking medication for your arthritis or if you’re trying to avoid painkillers, these holistic remedies may offer some relief.
9 Holistic Treatments for Arthritis
1. Make sure you’re at a healthy weight. If you’re carrying extra pounds, the extra pressure on your joints will only make your arthritis worse.

2. Exercise regularly. Moving keeps your joints flexible. Walking and running may be too hard on your body, though – opt for low-impact activities like swimming instead.

3. Heat will help relieve the stiffness you feel from arthritis. Take warm showers in the morning and use a heating pad or an electric blanket in the evening.

4. When you’re suffering from joint pain, treat it with cold compresses, like a gel ice pack.

5. If you’re not afraid of needles, acupuncture is recommended for treating arthritis pain.

6. Stress adds to any type of pain, including joint pain. Meditation and other types of relaxation techniques can help you cope with and ease the pain. There are even studies that show that people with arthritis benefit from meditation.

7. Add some turmeric to your meals. This Indian spice has anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Treat yourself to a massage, which will reduce the stiffness and pain. Plus, massage will help your range of motion.

9. Try some safe herbal supplements that claim to help with arthritis, including devil’s claw, single nettle and gingko.

10. Seeing a chiropractor can improve your overall wellness.

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