The Actual Impacts and Effects of Oxytocin

Oxytocin Supplement and Love – The Actual Impacts and Effects

Oxytocin is popularly known as “love hormone,” which is a Neurohypophysial hormone that helps humans to strengthen their bond with other social beings. Oxytocin is found to play a vital role in the “pair bonding” of most of the mammals.

Oxytocin in naturally produced inside us during various forms of human contact. Physical contact such as a hug or handshake may also act as an igniter to release a small amount of oxytocin. Once it is released, a bond gets forged, and the researchers have found that release of oxytocin tends to establish a relationship of trust between two individuals.

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Oxytocin as the love hormone

  • Why is oxytocin known as love hormone?

Various studies have shown that oxytocin helps the couples to establish a better connection and intimacy. It contributes further to strengthening the personal relationship and love. That is the reason why oxytocin is called as love hormone.

Though some people think calling it the love hormone is a little cheesy, there is really some truth behind this nickname. The perfect combination of Oxytocin, dopamine, and norepinephrine is essential for human pair bonding to happen.

It is also found to ignite sexual arousal and play a vital role in helping men to maintain erections.

Oxytocin levels spike when someone is sexually aroused or getting stimulated. That leads to an orgasm. Additionally, during the time of orgasm, human body experiences the highest release of oxytocin, which is the reason why couples like to cuddle after sex.

More effects of oxytocin

Oxytocin is also available as external supplements now, and you may have already heard about Oxytocin Nasal Spray. It is found to help heal wounds faster due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also shown that oxytocin has pain relieving effects too. Anything from cramps to headaches and body aches can be relieved through oxytocin spike. Even though the exact working mechanism of this hormone is not entirely known, various studies have shown that it helps cure pain.

Weight loss

Though studies have not been conducted on humans yet, some scientists believe that oxytocin deficiencies may cause metabolic changes which cause obesity. The experiment was performed on mice, and the research revealed that they returned to normal weight when oxytocin infusions are initiated.

It can also be easily explained why oxytocin spike helps to reduce stress level. With this, the cortisol levels tend to increase, which may be ultimately leading to increase fat storage. Oxytocin improves digestion, which also gets otherwise affected by stress.


Oxytocin was successfully used on mothers to treat postpartum syndromes like depression. The researchers have proven a direct link between low oxytocin levels and depression. Researchers even claim that they could predict the chances of postpartum depression if the carrying mother tends to have low oxytocin level during the time of pregnancy.

There are only a few products available in the market like oxytocin nasal spray as supplements, which are not sold over the counter. Speak to your doctor and get a proper prescription and avoid falling prey to online scams.


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