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Why you should have Alexandrite jewelry in your collection

Why You Should Have Alexandrite Jewelry In Your Collection
When talking about gemstones and jewelry, many people automatically think of traditional stones like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. While these are beautiful, there are many less popular gemstones that are just as gorgeous and unique, but often overlooked. Alexandrite, for example, is an underappreciated stone that has unique and wonderful properties. If you have never heard of this gem, do yourself a favor and get to know it.Alexandrite Rings

Gorgeous, Color-Changing Qualities 
One of the most unique qualities of Alexandrite jewelry is that its color actually changes. Depending on the time of day and the type of light that is falling on it, the stone can shift between blues, greens, purples, and reds. In sunlight, Alexandrite will take on blue and green hues. In other types of light, such as artificial lights and incandescent bulbs, the gems will shift to tones of purple and deep berry reds. Because of these gorgeous shifts in color, those who have seen Alexandrite in person become quick fans of this gemstone.

Alexandrite is green or bluish-green in daylight, changing to raspberry red or purplish-red in incandescent light. Alexandrite can also appear in yellowish-, brownish-, or grayish-green shades in daylight, with an orangish- or brownish-red counterpart in incandescent light. Because of its color change, alexandrite has sometimes been referred to as emerald by day and ruby by night.Alexandrite Stone shapes and colors

Genuinely Rare
Many people believe that diamonds are rare. In actuality, however, they are quite common. In fact, the perceived rarity of these gemstones is caused not by the rarity of finding these stones, but by the control that diamond companies exert over their supplies. Through tight control, these companies are able to create the illusion of scarcity.

Alexandrite gems, on the other hand, are genuinely rare. The main mines for these gems are located in only 10 countries, and their production rates are much lower than that of diamonds. As a result of the natural scarcity of Alexandrite, pieces of jewelry that feature this stone will always stand out.

A Rich History
Given the gorgeous nature of this gemstone’s colors, it is not surprising that it has a rich and storied history. For one thing, it is believed to hold a number of mystical properties. These stones are thought to bring wearers good luck, emotional balance, more happiness, and increased confidence. In addition, they are thought to inspire wearers and guide them to make good decisions.

For those who want a jewelry collection that is truly special, the inclusion of Alexandrite pieces is a great idea. Many online retailers sell beautiful pieces of jewelry incorporating this gem, such as Milano or DavidWein. Not only are these gemstones gorgeous on their own, but they are also perfect conversation-starters because of their fantastic history. And because they are so rare, you can be sure that your pieces will always be eye-catching and unique.


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