What You Need to Know About Area Rugs

What You Need to Know About Area Rugs

Area rugs are a common purchase and yet one of the least researched products. There is a lot to consider when it comes to area rugs, many things that people don’t think about. Once they take the rug home, it suddenly may not work quite like what they had expected. Even worse, they order the item online and it’s not the size they thought or the color is wrong. Before you buy your next area rug, read through these things to consider before finalizing a purchase from a store, such as http://www.boyles.com/.

Shape Makes a Difference

We often assume that area rugs are simple rectangular shapes but it’s not true these days. You can purchase square, rectangle, and even circular rugs. Each one will change the look of your décor so shape can play a big part. If you choose a long skinny rectangular runner, you don’t want to put that beneath your dining room table. A runner does better in the hallway and a large square will do well under an oval dining room table. Circulars are a great addition to a recliner area and are excellent for layering. Pay close attention to those shapes and the measurements.

Size Does Matter

There are plenty of things to consider when buying an area rug,  you don’t want your furniture to hide the gorgeous rug you just purchased. Large enough to be seen but not so large that it swallows the room. When it comes to things like dining room chairs, you want to be sure that the rug is large enough to accommodate for those chairs being moved around. When you have cabinets in a den or kitchen to get into, you don’t want the rug to interfere with that.

Color Choices Are Broader

Many area rugs were either very ornate, such as floral or Oriental rugs, or solid colors. While they are still quite popular, the trends have shifted towards other options. You can easily find funky geometric shapes and unique designs that will add a bit of flare to your room. The important thing is to be sure that the colors compliment the room. You don’t necessarily have to coordinate but you don’t necessarily want to bring an orange rug into a room with purple floral motif either. 

Cleaning Options Are Important

Cleaning your area rug will depend on the size and material used. Very basic care, often your day to day or weekly care, is fairly universal. That would include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing out animal hair and dander
  • Shake out the smaller area rugs
  • Turn them once or twice a year to keep wear down

For washing, you must look at the label of your rug to see what the washing requirements are. If you can machine wash, do so around once a month on the delicate setting and tumble dry on low heat. Handmade, antique, and Oriental rugs will require professional cleaning and you will need to shop around for the best deal. If you have a rug that requires professional cleaning, consult your cleaner about what to do in emergencies before you can get the rug to them. For all other rugs clean the stains as follows:

  • Alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, or tea – mix 1 tsp of liquid dish soap, 1 quart warm water, and ¼ tsp of vinegar. Apply to the stain, rinse, and blot dry. If stain persists, use a commercial carpet spot cleaner.
  • Fat based stains (butter, margarine, gravies) – use a dry solvent carpet spot cleaner.
  • Gum – remove all that you can by hand. Place ice cubes in a freezer bag and apply to the gum that remains to harden and scrape off with a knife. Vacuum and use a dry solvent carpet spot cleaner if necessary.
  • Urine, feces, vomit – apply the same detergent solution as for alcohol (or a citrus oxygen cleaner), rinse, then blot dry.

Area rugs are a fantastic addition to your home, with the considerations above you are sure to find the right match for your home!



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