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Anti-Aging Secrets of Asian Women  Anti-Aging Secrets Of Asian Women

As sun travels from East to West it was only a matter of time until the truth about skincare blew across the Western sky. We see Asian women in magazines and when we read how old they actually are we are left speechless. This only goes to show how much more dedicated they are when it comes to loving their skin and how much stronger their game is in comparison to ours.

However, as the saying goes – better late than never – it is not too late to snag some of those secrets and incorporate them into your own skincare routine.

One Step, Two Steps

It has become wide-known that skincare routine exercised by Asian women is extensive and involves numerous steps. So, let’s hop to it, shall we? The first step is brushing. Asian women brush their faces with a soft-bristled brush daily. This helps unclog the pores so that the products that follow stand a chance of actually sinking in and making an impact.  Two Steps To Beautiful Skin

If this is an investment you are willing to make, try something like head-to-toe cleansing brush by Clarisonic. Another great step includes oils. Oddly enough, cleansing your face with oils actually melts impurities and makeup, fights breakouts and improves the texture of your skin in the long run.

Sun is the Enemy

As we have learned from Esther Dong, a woman who knows what is good for her will steer clear from the sun. Asian women are very careful when it comes to sun exposure, (as in – they avoid it as much as possible), but products that contain SPF are absolutely mandatory as well.  Sun Is The Enemy

This is where products such as Hydr8 Day 360 Total Anti-ageing Moisturiser by Medik8 come in handy. Apart from containing SPF, this product serves as a powerful yet gentle moisturiser (and moisturising is one of the number one priorities for Asian women), as well as a good tool in the anti-aging battle. Three birds with one stone.

Take Me Out for a Coffee (Scrub)

Most of us drink coffee to stay awake and focused. Asian gals have a thing or two to teach us on turning everyday products we already own into magical skin solutions. Since they believe in extensive but gentle skincare regimen, instead of using aggressive synthetic scrubs, Asian women have turned to coffee, and it makes perfect sense – turns out, caffeic acid in coffee is anti-inflammatory and can boost collagen production – and it has been sitting on your kitchen shelf all this time!  Using Coffee Scrub For Beautiful Skin

So, the next time you make a cup of coffee, separate a batch for a good scrub. To get crafty and make your own, head on to Stylecaster for some coffeetastic DIY tips.

Tissues are Not Just for Wiping Tears

We have become somewhat familiar with sheet or tissue masks, but these have been a part of the Japanese and Korean skincare culture for quite some time now. Their perk is that you do not need to take your sweet time applying them. They come in one piece, simply unfold one and apply. Tissues Are Not Just For Whiping Tears

There are many good drugstore masks of this sort, such as “Brown Spot Corrector by Aveeno”, “New Dark Spot Corrector by Neutrogena”, and many more while there are also homemade treatments you can make to remove those unwanted dark spots. And as mentioned using a sunscreen with a high SPF is always recommended.  *An SPF 15 sunscreen blocks 93 percent of UVB radiation, while an SPF 30 sunscreen blocks nearly 97 percent. (Source *Skin

Splurge on a Spa Day  Splurge On a Spa Day

Another (not so secret) secret for having impeccable skin is spending some of that hard-earned money on a good facial. Nobody said that beauty does not come at a price, but on the other hand, you cannot put a price on beauty.

So go, treat yourself by making an appointment now, and your skin will thank you later, and will stay thankful for years to come.

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