Birthday Bash Hosted by This Lil Piglet | Mommy Kat and Kids June 11th~19th

I never know what to write about a new event, however this one sounds fun, easy to signup. And a good part is you can do like I have, create a post and will cost you -0- , that’s right zip, to signup. Once you visit the link you can you can fill out the form and add your name to the Linky.

If you write a post then your can add your blog to this [ Linky ]
For all the details you can visit [ This Lil Piglet ]

This is all about a Birthday Bash and is being promoted by  
This Lil Piglet and Mommy Kat and Kids for the 
Birthday Bash Giveaway Blog Hop Event,

June 12th – 19th.

What is it?
Perfect timing to gear up for summer fun with your kiddos, or family and friends kiddos, this event is themed around kids.  Toys, outdoor ride-on cars, cloth diapers, baby clothes, bikes, anything that kids can use or have fun playing with will work for this theme.  Gift cards or PayPal cash are okay too.  
You must provide your own giveaway prize (in the theme) for the event, valued at $50 or greater.  This can be a single item or a prize package.  You can secure a sponsor OR sponsor the giveaway yourself.

 This Lil Piglet and Mommy Kat and Kids 


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