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International Bloggers Association is just one week old and catching on fire. I was invited to be an Influencer, which means; The Influencer Award is given exclusively to bloggers who are proactive and polite on social networks. Award recipients are known for doing the following: Consistently following link-up rules Sharing other bloggers’ content Mentioning others by tagging them in appropriate posts Leaving thoughtful comments on blogs and social media posts Responding to comments/mentions in a timely manner Engaging consistently, generously and politely on social networks The mission of International Bloggers Association is for you as a blogger and the blogosphere. Continue reading 


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One thought on “Learn How To Connect with Better Blogs

  • Helen Fern

    I am new to real blogging. I’ve done some hobby blogging and now I’m ready to get my feet wet in the real deal. I’m totally confused how linky parties and blog hops work – and I’ve really interested in the IBA.

    That all being said – where can I find tutorials or help with these things. I have a few followers, but I need to get my blog out there.

    Helen Fern