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Have you ever wished that you could put your blog on automatic? So it will post to your social media periodically and so you can set it and go on to your next project? Like when you start the dishwasher and leave, it takes care of itself.  How about if you could do that with blog posts? Shoot out posts to your social media from a post that you wrote a long time ago, that you had great traffic to, but disappeared into your archives. How would it be to refresh that post, maybe with a new banner or pictures and generate more traffic, wouldn’t that be great?

If you run a business, blog or run a website I have something I think you will like and streamline the process of marketing and promoting your content, old or new.

Have you ever heard of a program that could run your blog on autopilot? How about Co-Schedule? As the name implies, it is a editorial calendar. And this is how it works.Have you ever wished that you could put your blog on automatic?

You can start out on one day and then schedule posts to be shared out over a period of weeks a month or even as far out as you want. Its that easy, and I have been using Co-Schedule for over a year and find it to be well worth the monthly fee. It is a great time saver to have my blog on autopilot!

Here’s a view of the Co-Schedule Calendar

Co-Schedule Previous Calendar

So basicly it is an editorial calendar that you schedule your post in advance and is great if you were hosting, say, a giveaway to be shared out to Twitter, G+, Facebook or other social media that you add in settings when you set up Co-Schedule. As I mentioned you can go back to your archives and share that popular recipe before the 4th of July. You could actually set it now and it would be shared the end of June, how cool is that feature, easy peasy and dont we like that. Or you have a fun project you created for a holiday, some spring or summer wreaths, you could set those on autopilot and they would be shared on the date you set. It is really fun to be able to keep the blog in motion with these capabilities and drive traffic.

Below is a picture of how you edit in Co-Schedule,

Co-Schedule Post Edit

The first editorial calendar was just that, where I stored posts I wanted to publish.
But now with Co-Schedule I can do so many other functions.

Once the post is published, it lets you connect various social media accounts like your blog’s Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+, Tumbler, etc. Social media Profile Setup on Co-ScheduleSo once they are connected you can pr-schedule posts to the various social media and Co-Schedule where it will post them at their scheduled time.Scheduling a post on Co-Schedule

So in the picture above I have scheduled a post choosing Facebook as my social media, set the date and time I wanted to share, written a short statement and chose the photo I wanted to be shared when published. One of the reasons I chose Co-Schedule was because of the social media aspects so that I could write my posts and schedule several Tweets when I finish my post or in a week or a month with a refresher, even when I am not at my computer!

Co-Schedule is the only program I use to re share my posts out and helps to have this in one central location as it is embedded into your blog, you do not go offsite to login to use these services.

And you can change the colors of the calendar, integrate, google analytics and google calendar with CoSchedule. And instead of the “Click To Tweet” program, Co-Schedule will set those up for you as well.


Interested yet, need more information? Watch the video…

You can signup for a Free Account Here I definitely encourage you to signup and try it for 2 weeks,
then it is $10.00 a month or save $20.00 on an annual plan.

And there is a CoSchedule Master Class included in the program in a seven part video course…Free!

I was not sure that it was worth the money, but after using it for a year,
I feel it is well worth the money, saving me time for marketing my posts and giveaways
a great tool for bloggers to use!

Ready To Try —Free Account Here

(*Disclosure* If you share a review of your thoughts you save 50% on your subscription) I waited until I was thoroughly convinced.


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I am a +70 Blogger that loves connecting with other women through blogging. A new recipe always intrigues, finding a new craft, creating bracelets occasionally and gardening is a favorite and writing brand reviews is a favorite for my readers. But most of all the connection to other bloggers. Creativity, simple life and getting things done

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2 thoughts on “You Can Save Time In Blogging With The Value of Co-Schedule

  • Ryan

    Hi Karren!

    Thanks for that awesome review of CoSchedule! We really Enjoyed reading it!

    I’m glad that you really like the ability to re-share past content! We think that it’s one of our best features, and I’m glad you’re in the same boat!

    Happy CoScheduling!

    • Karren Haller Post author

      Hi Ryan, You are welcome for the review, it has been long time coming. I just decided it was time. And yes I advocate re-sharing past content, its fun when there are posts that were popular, had a lot of response and to reshare. Not every post will be that way so I take full advantage of the opportunity to reshare.

      Thank you for all your customer service, I appreciate a company that responds so quickly!!
      Have a great weekend!