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Oh-My-Heartsie-Girls-WWAnd since it is Wednesday this is an opportunity to invite you to join us for “Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday”, where my 6 wonderful Co-Hosts and I share some great bloggers by featuring them in our posts, stop by if you have a chance #OMHGWW Oh My Heartsie Girls WW Happy Wednesday everyone, hope you are all having a good week!!

But first, here’s a health update about my husband and what we are about to go through.

Well it has been six months since we were getting ready for a knee replacement almost to the day, as some of you might remember my husband was going through cardiac clearance to prepare for a knee replacement and while having a angiogram his heart stopped for 15 seconds, scared the cardiologist as he told us in 10 years that had never happened to him. They had to use resuscitate him, thank the good Lord, it worked. But what came next scared the pants off me, he told me that he had a 100% blockage in 1 artery and 70% on another and that he advised that my husband, should not leave the hospital, that if he left there was a chance he could have a heart attack and die, that he needed to do by pass surgery. You can read the full story here

They kept him in ICU while we had to waited 4 days for the blood thinners he had been taking to get out of his system to operate. So on January 9th and once inside they could see also the back side of his heart, and as it turned out had to preform  “CABG” or Quad by pass, meaning they had to replace 4 arteries to his heart, thy were all blocked! The doctors told him his heart would now last him until, God decides he wants him, that he is good for another 20 years, and by the way he is 74. He has worked so hard in rehab to prepare for this surgery, he has amazed all his doctors, you see he has been on his stationary bike and peddled for 600 miles to build the muscles to sustain him after surgery.

Total knee replacement hardware, including fem...

Total knee replacement hardware, including femoral head, tibial plate, patellar plate, and meniscus replacement plate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So now we are good to go for the knee replacement tomorrow, June 25th. We have no idea how this will go, but he has been in pain since college football, 3 unsuccessful surgeries at that time. This will give him a chance to be more active, like go to Tahiti, maybe? But wait theres more, he will undergo the same surgery in about 3 months for the other knee, talk bout a overhaul. He’ll be |||| on wheels, I wont be able to keep him down, hope I can keep up with him. Maybe we can take our first “vacation” since we married 20 years ago!! We would welcome your prayers for a successful and safe surgery.

Has someone in your family had new parts replaced and how did that turnout for them?

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