Building and Designing the Perfect Home

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The perfect home is one that has been designed specifically for the occupants, and most people never have the chance to be involved in the planning stage of their property. More often than not, the home is second or third hand, and we base our selection on the given design. knows how hard it is for some people to find a perfect home but they always help them with the search. For those who love individuality and uniqueness, there is another alternative, and that is to design and construct the house, using the services of a professional construction company.

Acquiring the land

The first step is to purchase the land, ensuring that there is access and utilities are at hand. Planning permission must then be sought, which involves submitting the plans for local authority approval. The construction company that has the contract should be able to take care of this. Many construction companies offer a comprehensive service, which includes land acquisition, making it more convenient. The contractor has experience dealing with government departments and can facilitate any planning permission or purchase documentation.

The right builderFinding The Right Builder

Finding the right building companies can be challenging, so look for a builder with credentials. The company should be accredited, and they will have several examples of previous projects to view. It is always a good idea to use a local contractor, as they will have a solid reputation for quality construction. It is prudent to ask several contractors to bid and prepare a list of questions to ask. In order to give an accurate quotation, a builder needs to know everything about the project, and sometimes the construction company will provide design services, which is a preferred option.,

The design process

This is the crucial stage, and the future owner should play a major role in the design of the building. There are quality building companies in Perth and other areas of Western Australia that have the design capabilities, and the experience to build a quality home. Spend some time thinking about the layout of the property, and share design ideas with the builder. Pottier Homes offer a full range of services, which include architectural design, as well as the actual construction.

Think long term

Many people buy a small house, then over time, they upgrade, steadily moving up the property ladder, until they end up with the ideal home. By designing the house, the owner can customize the layout, thinking ahead to accommodate things like parents coming to stay in their later years, or the children coming home for a few days. Being involved at the design stage offers a unique opportunity to shape the building according to the occupant’s preferences.


Modern construction has embraced energy saving, and with solar panels, one can enjoy free electricity, while selling any excess power to the national grid. Solar power can supply the needs of a large house with many heavy appliances, such as a/c and heating. Window film can maintain ideal room temperatures, and keep the heat in during the colder months. Rainwater harvesting systems provide for the garden and washing the car, keeping the utility bills down.


Modern construction utilizes composite materials, as well as the traditional timber, steel, and concrete, which allows for a wider range of design possibilities. Eco-friendly designs are popular, using clean energy and recycled materials when possible, providing the occupants with clean energy.


Designing the home allows a higher level of security, and by careful selection of doors and windows, one can effectively protect the property. CCTV offers a cheap and reliable surveillance system, and with security window film, the building would be impenetrable. With rising crime rates, it makes sense to include security in the list of essential design factors.

The garden

If one has sufficient space, the garden area should be incorporated into the house design, allowing for garage space, and a few carefully planted trees. Larger trees offer shade and protection against the elements, so consider planting a few.

Cables and utility pipes

These should all be laid at the foundation stage, with several electric cables to provide power to external areas. Water pipes will be connected to the mains supply, and drainage systems are hooked up, ready for the above groundwork to begin.

Designing one’s own home offers the chance to create the ideal living environment, and with energy-saving a focus, the house will provide many years of faithful service. Not everyone is privileged to have the opportunity to design a building from scratch, and with some careful planning, one can create the perfect living space.
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