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Caring For Fresh Cut FlowersWhat You Should Know When Buying Fresh Flowers!

Caring For Fresh Cut FlowersHow To Store Dozens Of Flowers

If you plan to buy tons of flowers for a big event, considering storing them in a warehouse. You can keep the flowers in storage safety for two days. This is an effective strategy because the flowers will have a chance to re-hydrate before the event.

Bucket Procedures
Preparing the buckets is the first step. There must be no chemical residue or dirt in the buckets. Previous flower residue should be removed as well because it will produce bacteria in the water, which will clog the new flower’s stems. If this happens, water will not flow properly through the stems. As a result, the vase life of the flowers will shorten.

To keep the flowers healthy, rinse the buckets with water and dish soap. Then, dry the them thoroughly and pour warm water into each bucket for the flowers. Never use metal buckets because the material will harm the flowers.Fresh Cut Roses

Cutting The Stems
For this task, place the stems under warm water and slice them diagonally (on a slant). The pressure of the water will push the bottom of the stems open to prevent bacteria growth. Since bubbles create a seal underwater, germs cannot harm the stems. Warm water is better for flowers because it travels faster. Cold water is less efficient since it moves slower. Flowers must soak up water at a proper pace.

bouquetFor The Foliage And Leaves
The foliage and leaves must be removed; if they touch water, they will deteriorate. In the deterioration stage, harmful bacteria is produced. (I never understood then why a florist would leave those in large vases)?

Change The Water
The water must be changed every time the stems are trimmed. New water gives the flowers oxygen; they need additional oxygen since they drain oxygen from water every day.

Floral Preservatives
Many people do not know if they should purchase a floral preservative. The length of time that a flower lasts can determine if a floral preservative is needed. For a two day event, a preservative will not be required. Simply sprinkle the flowers with a bit of water so that they will remain healthy and strong.

If you are preparing for a valentines event, you can shop valentines flowers from fresh flowers.

Most importantly – enjoy the flowers!  They don’t last forever but they do bring you great joy and happiness!


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