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It is amazing to change the colors of a room to make your home feel cozier We all want a warm and cozy feeling house to come home to, but it’s not always easy to get the right look. Here is a basic guide to give you a home with that family feel that everyone will enjoy. Choose Warm Colors  […]

How to Make Your Home Feel More Cozy

Making an impression that lasts: 5 Sureshot ways to kick up the aesthetic appeal of your office reception Replacement cushion covers for rattan furniture The first impression is a major contributor to how your business will be perceived by potential customers. For this reason, most of marketers spend enormous amounts of time in optimizing every touch-point with a potential client. […]

Have an Office-Improve the Office Reception Area

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The Benefits of Placing a Shag Rug In Your Living Room  You do not have to give your living room a complete makeover just to create a different look. It is easy to change up the vibe with accessories such as shag rugs. If you are unsure of this change, here are several benefits of buying shag rugs for the […]

5 Benefits of Placing a Shag Rug In Your Living ...

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Host a Girls’ Night Out, In!  Nothing beats getting the girls together for some laughter, relaxation, good food, and drinks. If you are thinking of having your besties over this weekend, consider having a spa night. It’s affordable, easy to pull off and can really help you unwind after a long week of work and family responsibilities. A home spa […]

Fun Ideas For A Girls Night Out Party at Home

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Luxury Home Décor in 2017 – Sustainability is Key It looks like luxury home décor is centered on sustainability this 2017. From nature-inspired elements to tech-enable products spread around the house, going green is no longer a trend, but a necessity. Over the past 10 years we’ve seen many dramatic changes happening in home design and interior décor. Increasingly more […]

Dramatic Changes Happening in Home Decor 2017-Sustainablity Is Key

Reflecting Your Personal Style Through Minimalisim
What happens when minimalism meets colourful design? Well, judging by the looks of it, the results are quite extraordinary. The trend of minimalist design has rapidly spread across the globe as one of the leading trends in interior design. It’s mostly characterized by sleek interiors, minimal number of accessories and absence of colour. Recently, the idea of introducing more colour […]

How to Add More Colour to Your Minimalist Design

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With Valentines rolling in soon and they already have all the fixin’s, candies, cookies, decorations in the store on the day after Christmas, I thought it would be fun to share some Pinterest ideas I found that are fun and pretty easy to make (for me). Have you seen all the desserts and goodies you can make on Pinterest? My […]

12 Wonderful Desserts and Ideas For #Valentines