How the Invention of Commercial Rice Cookers Impacts the Sushi Industry
Sushi, the traditional dish of Japan is prepared from rice, seafood, and seaweed. Back in the day, expert chefs from Japan were hired by the restaurants to prepare this dish. But the invention of commercial rice cookers has revolutionised the sushi industry. As of today, around 3,614 sushi restaurants are operating in the US alone, providing the employment opportunities to […]

Commercial Rice Cookers Impacts the Sushi Industry

3 Quick Tips To Help You Reduce Food Waste
In recent years, growing concern about food waste and its environmental and economic consequences have been raising public awareness about the need for better food conservation, both globally and locally. According to World Wildlife Fund estimates, nearly 1.3 billion tons of food go to waste each year, which amounts to nearly one third of all food produced globally each year. […]

3 Quick Tips To Help You Reduce Food Waste

Friday Features Linky Party 462018 7 comments
Welcome to Friday Features Linky Party Well here we are another Friday, the weeks go by so quickly.  We have some fantastic features this week including a fashion feature great recipes and DIY ideas. I hope you will take time to connect with some of our featured bloggers, even on Instagram!!  I hope you have a lovely weekend, wherever you […]

Friday Feature Linky Party

7 Nutritious Sources of Plant Based Milk Products 2 comments
Milk Made With Nuts- Rice Or Soy….what are your thoughts, have you tried any of these for your family?  If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re sure to have heard about plant-based milk products as an alternative to traditional dairy milk derived from cows and other mammals. Plant-based milks are becoming popular, especially among lactose-intolerant individuals, who suffer […]

7 Nutritious Sources of Plant-Based Milk Products

5 Secrets to Creating Beautiful Meals at Home
Kitchen Charisma  So, you’ve mastered the art of cooking the perfect egg and defining “al dente” with your pasta dishes, but what are some other tricks you can learn and put up your chef’s sleeve? With these five secrets, you can take your cooking game to a new level that will have the guests at your next dinner party raving. […]

5 Secrets to Creating Beautiful Meals at Home