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Used to treat cancer, Brachytherapy is a radiation therapy that involves the placement of radioactive material into your body. Also known as internal radiation, Brachytherapy is better than conventional radiation therapy at allowing doctors or other medical practitioners to deliver increased radiation doses to more-specific body areas. Also, compared to external beam radiation, Brachytherapy causes fewer side effects and takes […]

Health Series: Understanding Brachytherapy • A New Treatment In Cancer

Recommended Fitness Programs for Kids A large number of children today lead sedentary lifestyles because of video games, computers and television. There are also many schools where physical education is lacking. Young children should be physically active so they can have optimal health. The recommendation is for them to have fun physical activities for about one hour each day. In […]

Health Series: Recommended Fitness Programs for Kids

Sleeping Baby
A New Parent’s Guide Sleep As soon-to-be parents, you already know that your little bundle of joy will need their sleep. But while many babies can sleep through eight or nine hours without a fuss, it can occasionally be a challenge to make sure that everyone gets the sleep they need. There is no magic wand, but there absolutely is […]

Parenting: A New Parent’s Guide Sleep For Babies and Adults