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5 Things Women Can Do Now to Prevent Thyroid Disease 
Are you worried about developing hyperthyroidism in the future? If so, you definitely aren’t alone. While there isn’t any specific thing you can do to ensure you don’t suffer this condition, there are some choices that you can make that will be helpful. The fact is, the thyroid is the “master” gland that controls the amount of energy you have, […]

5 Things Women Can Do Now to Prevent Thyroid Disease 

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Health Issues that Women Face on “Men’s Jobs”  The American workforce has changed in the last half century. While men still outnumber women in the workforce, the percentage of working women has increased from 34 percent in the 1950s to 60 percent today. At the same time, the percentage of working men has reduced from 84 percent in the 50s […]

There Are Big Challenges For Women Working In “Men’s Jobs”

Breast Reconstruction
Women’s bodies go through tremendous changes over the years. These changes take their toll on how your body is shaped, and particularly on the breasts. Some of the things that can affect the shape of your breasts include: Pregnancy and breastfeeding Weight fluctuations Aging Skin elasticity The pull of gravity With time, you may begin to notice that your breasts […]

How to Know If You Are a Candidate for a ...