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Home series is about choices in home decorating, design, furnishings, and ornamentation of the interior of your home

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Maintaining a typical home is quite a challenge, and with so many things to take care of, one needs to be organised and efficient. Certain services only need to be used when something goes wrong, while others, such as gas, electric, or plumbing, require regular inspections. While you probably understand the need for this, the ideal frequency of these inspections […]

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Benefits of Having Makeup Mirror with Lights Around It Makeup mirrors are a common piece of furniture in every household. People these days are very particular that they need to present themselves well and so they are very careful when they dress up. Initially it was only women, who were very fastidious about the way they carry themselves. But the […]

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 United Colors of the Pantone: The Best of the Best for 2017 Another exciting year is coming to an end and many people are turning their heads to see what hides around the corner. Apart from making New Year resolutions, we also adore creating “best of” lists. The Pantone Color Institute, a global color authority, stands out from the rest. […]

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