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If you live in Southgate, Michigan her are the top 3 Reasons why you need replacement windows for your home  The way the weather in Michigan plays havoc with weather extremes is not a hidden feat – harsh exposure to rain, snow or sunlight have caused the native inhabitants to get accustomed of such weather on the clock. While the […]

Top 3 Reasons Why You Might Need To Replace Windows

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Finding Roofing Contractors In Ann Arbor, Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan is swept in Mid-Western climate all year long. With precipitation and humidity at their peaks, Ann Arbor, Michigan is probably one of the areas in the USA that also get honored with the wrath of immense rainfall. In relation to the current weather forecasts, Ann Arbor is expected to get […]

Home Series: What To Do When Roof Needs Replacing

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Luxury Home Décor in 2017 – Sustainability is Key It looks like luxury home décor is centered on sustainability this 2017. From nature-inspired elements to tech-enable products spread around the house, going green is no longer a trend, but a necessity. Over the past 10 years we’ve seen many dramatic changes happening in home design and interior décor. Increasingly more […]

Dramatic Changes Happening in Home Decor 2017-Sustainablity Is Key

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts
I dont know about you but I really like my home to smell fresh and recently found a new way to do that. I was introduced to a Scentfill  The first 100% natural plug in air freshener refills available. The products are trademarked  Scentfill has universal fit refill that can be used with your existing Glade, Air Wick, Renuzit (single wick), and […]

What if Your Air Fragrance Refills Lasted Longer