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Sunglasses and Clothing Wholesale-Feature
Wholesale Purchases And Trendy Designs For All  Are you one of  those of online shoppers looking for special stunning outfits you will not find anywhere else and comes with a reasonable price?   Well, if the answer is Yes, you are looking at the right place.  At Apparel Candy, there is an amazing selection of wholesale clothing that range from dresses […]

Fashion Series: Wholesale Purchases And Trendy Designs For All

Toddlers Playing
Activities to Help Early Learning in Toddlers   A child’s brain is most receptive during the first three years of life and early learning can have a fundamental impact on future growth, health and happiness. Experts believe that social and learning experiences during these formative stages help to shape the brain’s architecture and provide a foundation for future development and […]

Moms Resources: Tools And Guidence When Teaching Toddlers

3 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips 2 comments
On average, every woman in the US spends upwards of $2000.00 on toiletries and beauty products every year. Only 15 percent of that money is actually spent by companies on ingredients and manufacturing. What accounts for the rest of the spending? Branding, marketing, and insanely high markups. The large cosmetics companies’ everyday conspires to convince us that our successes and […]

3 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips

Engagement Rings
4 Mistakes People Make When They Buy Engagement Rings (And How to Avoid Them) Getting engaged is a huge life milestone for both parties involved. While engagement rings are far from the most important part of the equation, they are still seen as an important symbol of a couple’s promise to each other. That’s why avoiding making a mistake when […]

Consumer Awareness: 4 Mistakes People Make When They Buy Engagement ...