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When you got married, you were probably googly-eyed and madly in love. Hopefully, you’re still madly in love, but you’re no longer googly-eyed. You’ve woken up to the real world–marriage is hard work. It takes effort, education, and a lot of unselfishness. No one can walk into a marriage, not do any work, and expect things to go well. Now […]

Tips for an Unforgettable Anniversary

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Backdrops For Wedding And Anniversary Every culture has its own way of celebrating important events and they have certain set of rules to observe. Most cultures have their dos and don’ts, what they must do or must not do so as not to offend their older family members or the gods they worship. All these are to be observed so […]

Wedding and Anniversary Location Ideas

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Reducing waste by organizing your kitchen Are you getting sick and tired of throwing food away every other day? It is such a shame to be throwing away food, I hate it when I have to do it. That is why I have been trying to find a way to have as little food waste as possible. And I realised […]

Reduce Waste By Organizing Your Kitchen So You Know Exactly ...

Fast Fashion Vs Sustainable Fashion In some recent years people around the world have began noticing the importance of sustainability in different aspects of life. This is an important topic also when it comes to the fashion industry. So what is it actually that differs the conventional or fast fashion as some call it, from the sustainable fashion nowadays? What […]

eco-Friendly Clothing for Fashionistas

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Jenny of at Renovar Design has brought 7 bloggers together for this BlogHop  to share organizational ideas for their homes. Renovar Design | Neat & Organized Photo Storage Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+ | Bloglovin | Instargam Managing a Home | Small Space Command Center Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+ | Bloglovin | Instagram Enjoy The […]

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