Teaching children positive behavior
A Few Positive Discipline Techniques Every Parent Should Know Today’s parents looking for tips on how to effectively discipline their children need to learn more about positive discipline. Positive discipline involves encouraging your child rather than punishing them and instilling a mutual respect between parent and child that will last a lifetime. Check out some popular techniques below and start […]

Positive Discipline Techniques Every Parent Should Know

4 Reasons a Travel Baby Monitor Is Necessary 
Here are 4 reason to be prepared with a baby monitor when traveling and ease in preparing babies food Traveling with Baby can be fun as long as proper preparation is made. In addition to packing obvious essentials like clothing, diapers and baby food makers, here are four reasons why a travel baby monitor long range is necessary to make […]

4 Reasons a Travel Baby Monitor Is Necessary 

Things to Figure Out Before Having a Baby
Couples considering parenthood have probably heard “There’s never a perfect time to have a baby.” That may be true, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t some times that are better than others. Parenthood is one of those things that you can’t exactly take back. Once you’re a parent, there’s no button you can press to go back to your old […]

Things to Figure Out Before Having a Baby

What To Consider When Preparing For Your Children's Future
How to Prepare for Your Children’s Future  It is never too early, or too late, to start getting things ready for your children’s futures. There are a number of different things you can do, in fact you’re probably already doing several of them without even thinking about it. The biggest mistake many parents make in preparing for their children’s futures is in […]

Learn How To Prepare For Your Children’s Future

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts
How technology has created addiction for our children  Technology is ubiquitous. One cannot go anywhere without being confronted by technology in some form. Technology has made advances for many professions from medicine to education. Social media has connected individuals with one another, so much so, that people living thousands of miles apart can connect at any time of the day. […]

Are Our Children Addicted To Technology-How It Effects Kids