The Internet: The Way You Know It Now and How It Can All Change Oct 1st 2016 3 comments

Internet……..The Way You Know It Now and How It That Can All Change Oct 1st 2016

First I normally dont blog about anything political, however, this is something that is important to you as a blogger and how Oct 1st could change the way we work on the internet, how you shop, how you pay bills or anything you do on the internet.

In 22 days America will give away the right to monitor the internet, to a global organization that will allow over 160 foreign governments to have increased influence over the management and operation of the Internet, which would mean giving up our 1st Amendment Rights and give China, Russia Iran access and control what we see on the internet, what you see when you go to a website, you could think that you are on a site and actually be taken to another place.

How would you feel if you go to your banking website, thinking you are logging in and actually you could be on a fake-phishing site that could steal your personal information, access your banking information and cause your information to be stolen and end up with identity fraud, Yes this could happen?

I have spent days reading, listening to Congressional hearings to understand what this means, I have searched documents to learn as much as I could and to understand what Congress is talking about before writing this article to share with my blogging friends, because this will not only affect blogging, but more important, your privacy as you know it, when you open your computer to log on to any website, shopping, banking, paying bills after Oct 1st you will no longer have the security that we have now.

Quote From Ted Cruz’s Website: “Because of the First Amendment to our Constitution, which affords more protection for speech than anywhere else in the world, the United States Government—as long as it has authority to oversee the infrastructure of the Internet—has a duty to ensure that no website is denied Internet access on account of the ideas it espouses,” Sen. Cruz said in his opening statement. “…Once the government is out of the picture, First Amendment protections go away. The First Amendment by its term binds the government, it doesn’t bind private individuals. That means that when ICANN escapes from government authority, ICANN escapes from having to worry about the First Amendment, having to worry about protecting your rights or my rights.”  

It all means that our governing president wants to release control over ICANN to turn the internet over to unknowns to monitor the internet as we know it. And unless Congress votes to stop the president, it will happen.  TEd Cruz has been having congressional hearings to make congress aware of the affect this could have.  And the reason it could happen is the outgoing president and what is called a “lame duck agenda item”  wants to enforce this before he leaves office. Which I cant believe he would even do to himself and his family. It seems he does not care. sorry rant

Quote, “If the United States gives up control of the Internet’s administration, international censorship or a worldwide shutdown in a time of crisis will become a very real possibility.”

We as bloggers need to talk about this, write about, tell you families and friends. Find it on the internet share and spread the word. And there is several more things you can do to let congress know your feelings, by calling the White House and letting your representatives and congress know you want to support stopping this.

If you are on Facebook and my friend you may have seem how many times and ways I have been sharing this information, websites, Ted Cruz’s articles and probably driving everyone crazy, but as a citizen I want to stand for my right to the 1st Amendment and keep the internet safe. So I hope that you will join me in getting out the message about this. There’s not much time left and we need to do what we can.

Something we all can do is make a phone call to your representative in your state and simply say you want Congress to stop the “Turnover of The Internet” by calling  US Capitol Switchboard: 202.224.3121 When you get an answer, it will ask for your zipcode, you will be put to the office of your representative and then you can state why you are calling. This is very effortless and only takes 2 minutes.

We all have a voice, and if I know bloggers they have big voices that is why I wanted to share this information. If you have comments or suggestions PLEASE COMMENT ON “MY BLOGS COMMENT SYSTEM”-NOT ON GOOGLE or Email me at

The other person in government is your congressman or woman and you can find them to contact at .Gov Just put in your Zipcode

Here are some websites and YouTube links if you are interested in learning more yourself.

First there is a Petition ⇐Click to sign

Next Ted Cruz Website where you can learn more and keep up with the latest updates and news reports.
Ted Cruz Website: Details Threats of Administration’s Internet Handover in Hearing

Stop Obama Internet Giveaway



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3 thoughts on “The Internet: The Way You Know It Now and How It Can All Change Oct 1st 2016

  • Gilda

    Thanks a lot for this post. I don’t have a blog but have been trying to spread the word in every way I can. People just don’t seem to have a clue about it. I am hoping that those who can do something about it do not let politics get in the way.


    • Karren Haller Post author

      Hi Gilda, Thank you reading. I am just not seeing other bloggers talk about this, and this is huge for bloggers that earn money through their websites. So I felt it was a very important issue. IF you are on Facebook, you can find and follow and reshare many of my posts I am sharing. Thank you again, God Bless!