What Is Going On With Charitable Contributions

Even Corporations Have Hearts: Giving Back To The Community
During the last election season, millions of American voters were in an uproar over comments that leaked to the public from both sides of the political coin. For example, Barack Obama’s controversial put down of corporations, “You didn’t build that”, was rebutted by Mitt Romney’s infamous, “Corporations are people too, my friend.” As always, the truth of the matter lies somewhere between these two drastically opposed points of view.

Can Corporations Have A Positive Impact On The Community?
Granted that corporations aren’t exactly people, is there anything that the large companies that can do to give back to the community that helped them grow to their present size? Can corporations have a truly positive impact on the community that spawned them? The answer, at least in some cases, is an emphatic yes.

The fact is, corporations do a great deal of charitable work all around the world, some of which is advertised while the vast majority escapes the public’s (or the media’s) notice. For example, Bill Gates, the founder and CEO of Microsoft, is known throughout the world for his charitable work and contributions. Other famous billionaire CEO’s and philanthropists include Gates’ long time rival, Steve Jobs, as well as Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines.

Does The One Percent Have A Stake In Charitable Work?
Many corporations, as well as many individual members of the controversial “One Percent” of the world’s wealthiest elite, are deeply concerned about the state of the human race. For example, Palmco, one of the world’s leading energy suppliers, has recently devoted a great deal of time, effort, and money to a charitable initiative that was launched via the crowdfunding platform, DonorsChoose.org.Charity begins at home

The purpose of this fascinating and innovative program is to help teachers fund classroom science projects that engage and educate their students. Such projects naturally require money, and so it is an excellent idea for corporations to step forward with much needed aid at a time when educational standards are coming under increased scrutiny. It is hoped that such corporate initiatives will continue to strengthen our educational system.

Taking The Lead In Changing Times
In a time of increasing change, not only political but also social, corporations are in an excellent position to point the way toward the future. The various charitable initiatives sponsored by corporations are sure to have a positive effect on the community, especially in the years to come.


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