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Maintaining a typical home is quite a challenge, and with so many things to take care of, one needs to be organised and efficient. Certain services only need to be used when something goes wrong, while others, such as gas, electric, or plumbing, require regular inspections. While you probably understand the need for this, the ideal frequency of these inspections is never clearly defined, so if you are unsure about how often your gas and plumbing should be looked at, here is the definitive answer.

The plumbing system in a home is very complex, and it can generally be divided into two main sections. The water system, which delivers the mains tap water to the various locations in the house, and the drainage system, which is completely separate and takes away all waste water and channels it into the mains sewer pipes under the road. A plumber is qualified to carry out repairs on either of these systems, and he will carry all the equipment necessary to unblock drains or trace water leaks, and if you were to ask him how often your plumbing should be inspected, he would probably recommend a twice a year program,

Gas Appliances
Your hot water is probably fueled by a gas boiler, and due to the dangers of flammable substances. It isn’t something you can do yourself. Most plumbers are fully qualified to install and repair gas appliances, and if you are looking for a gas plumber in Perth, you couldn’t find a better outfit than Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas, who will have someone there before you know it. When you have a new gas hot water system fitted, the company would recommend quarterly inspections, as an inefficient gas boiler will use far more fuel, not only that, a gas leak could be disastrous.

Preventative Maintenance
All plumbers recognize the value of preventative maintenance, as any small issue can rapidly become something major, and things like changing worn hoses and replacing leaking faucets will eliminate the risk of a major problem occurring. The point of regular inspections is to identify potential problems and replace the components before anything happens.

A Valuable Partnership
For the homeowner, forging an alliance with a reliable plumber is essential, as he can ensure that your water system, gas appliances and your drains are always in good order. It might take a while to find the right contractor, and if you experience problems or are let down, then ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations, and you will eventually hook up with a good plumber. The Internet is a great source of information, and a quick online search should put you in touch with a reliable company that services your vicinity.

With a regular plumber who will make regular inspections, a major headache has already been removed, and should you ever require him in an emergency situation, he will be happy to respond promptly.


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