Tips for Moms of a Child Musician

5 Parenting Issues Every Mother of a Musician Should Know How to Deal With

Whether you’re dealing with a future rockstar or would-be DJ, being the parent of a musician can be equal parts rewarding and exhausting. 5 Parenting Issues Every Mother of a Musician Should Know How to Deal With

While it’s an absolute joy to watch your kids grow up with creative aspirations, there are some inherent challenges of raising a musician. This is especially true when talking about teenagers who tend to be a handful on their own.

So, what does every mother of a musician need to be prepared for at some point? Take the following five issues into consideration and how to deal with them accordingly.

They Want More Gear

Making music is an absolutely fantastic hobby for kids of just about any age; however, it can be an expensive one. Don’t be surprised when your kid constantly tries to hit you up for cash or new gear in between holidays, all of which can quickly add up.

If you’re raising a digital musician, consider the variety of free options for new sounds out there such as this massive list of presets from Seriously, though: it’s crazy what’s available for free these days which can keep your kids entertained while you have more money in your pocket.

They Don’t Want to Show You Their Music

It can certainly be frustrating when your child appears to be slaving away at their instruments but seem to have no intention of ever showing you their art. In some cases, your child might be embarrassed or otherwise unsure of their progress as a musician; meanwhile, it’s also possible that they’re just shy or fearful of judgment. Either way, show your support and understand that they’ll open up to you when the time is right for them.

Their Grades Start to Suffer

When your kid gets knee-deep in their music, it’s only natural for their focus on school to fall to the wayside from time to time.

Rather than worry about constantly checking your child’s grades or playing the role of “bad guy,” instead set the right expectations in regard to music versus school. That is, if your child expects to jam with friends or go out to gigs, their grades absolutely must come first. You may be surprised at how receptive your child is when they have to face the reality of being away from their passion due to their lack of progress in school.

They Hang with the Wrong Crowd

Although this may seem like a somewhat stereotypical problem, there’s no denying that any sort of creative hobby or activity is going to attract some bad apples. For teenagers, this often means those who really want to push the “rockstar” gimmick as far as they can which can lead to your kid hanging out with some questionable characters.

Dealing with bad influences in your child’s life is a delicate sort of balancing act. While you don’t want to rip your kid away from their friends or make harsh judgments on others, go with your gut when deciding who your child should be spending the majority of their time with.

Their Project Doesn’t Go as Planned

Being a young musician comes with its own set of growing pains. Perhaps your child’s band breaks up and some friendships are bruised in the process. Maybe they perform at their school’s talent show and something goes wrong with their instrument or gear.

Again, the simple act of being there makes the world of difference. Treat these roadblocks as sort of life lessons and help your child understand that not everything goes according to plan.

Make the most out of raising your little musician by knowing exactly what snafus to look out for. Although you may not have to face all of these issues at any point, just remember that you should do everything in your power to support your child’s creative aspirations.



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