Colourful DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Wedding and Home Décor 3 comments

Colourful DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Wedding and Home Décor Colorful Projects

All seasoned event planners will tell you that a simple DIY project will not only save you money but, more importantly, it will make your special day even more special and unique. Today, we give you three easy-to-make décor ideas that can fit perfectly into any celebration party.

Paper Pom-Poms

These colourful details can be used in large wedding venues or at at-home birthday parties with the only limitation being your imagination. You will need a package of tissue paper. We recommend classic white for a wedding reception, and baby pink or blue for a baby shower. You will also need some wire and a string, pliers, scissors, and patience. Take the tissues out of the package and align them to get cleaner folds. Then start folding.Colorful Projects to Upgrade Your Wedding and Home Décor

Take about an inch or an inch and a half of paper from the bottom, fold it over putting a lot of pressure so all layers of tissue (roughly 20 of them) would have a nice crease, flip over, and fold over again. Repeat till you get an accordion-like fold. Repress the folds once more to make sure that are nicely creased.

Now wrap the wire around the centre of the folded paper. Tie the string around the wire and leave the free end long enough to hang the pom-pom from the ceiling. Open up the accordion and start peeling the layers of the tissue apart one by one. Do it gently, as the paper tears easily. Once it is as fluffy as possible, you are done.

Painted Bottles

Empty bottles serve no other purpose than to gather dust, while they can make perfect centrepieces. Painted bottles are a super easy project that can completely change the look of your table. You can do them in solid colour, make an ombre effect, or for a really festive touch – add some bling. Necessary materials include: an empty bottle, spray paint of your choice, spray adhesive, glitter in whatever colour you prefer (but try to match it with the spray paint), and acrylic sealer to minimize shedding. Painted Bottles

First, spray paint the bottle. After the paint has dried, spray your bottle with spray adhesive in sections, starting from the top, because you do not want the bottom part to dry before you get to it. Holding the bottle by the neck, start rotating it, while sprinkling the glitter evenly with the other hand. Shake the bottle occasionally to get rid of any excess. Repeat the spraying and sprinkling part until you cover all the sections of the bottle. Lastly, cover the bottle in sealing spray, let it dry, then do it again.

Floral Backdrop

Floral backdrops can be made of either seasonal or fake flowers. The procedure is the same, it is just the matter of the effect you wish to achieve. We chose this simple yet effective carnations backdrop. The basic supplies you need are a bunch of carnations (either multi-coloured or monochromatic), fishing line, an embroidery needle, scissors, and an arch to hang the finished backdrop from.

Floral Backdrops

Floral Backdrops

Cut the stems off your flowers. Cut the fishing line to the length that is slightly longer than the height of your arch. Allowing some space at the top of the line, tie a knot, then push the needle with the fishing line through the centre of one flower, and fix the flower on the line with another knot. Repeat the sequence until you string all carnations on your line, evenly spaced. Create as many lines of flowers as you need to cover the whole arch.

Feeling inspired? Which of these ideas do you think is the most effective?

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Colourful DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Wedding and Home Décor


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